Decorating Your Child's Bedroom With a Fairy Princess Theme For Under $300.00.


  Your little girl loves all the shows and movies about fairy princesses, and you would both like to give her a bedroom with a theme fit for any little fairy princess.  Even on a tight budget, with a wave of that magic fairy wand.....presto!  Well, maybe not quite that magically, but with a few tips, your daughter can have the fairy princess bedroom of her dreams without you going broke doing so.  One important thing to keep in mind before starting is that as your little fairy princess grows up, a bedroom with this theme might not appear so magical to a preteen or teenager.  Unless you are sure you'll have lots of money to spare later for redecorating, go with ideas and things that can be changed fairly easily so the bedroom can grow with your daughter.  Her room can then be updated without major damage to your wallet.  This means avoid purchases such as "themed" beds with fairy castle walls and frilly pink canopies.   This type of furniture is expensive, anyway, and you can create a bedroom with a fairy princess theme without buying all those costly extras.  A good color furniture base for this bedroom theme would be white or cream colors.  When your daughter outgrows her fairy princess years, these colors can still be used for whatever new theme she chooses.  You can find instructions on the internet for making a fairy princess themed bed out of a regular bed using plywood and paint.  Garlands of artificial roses, lace, faux pearls and sparkles complete the picture.  This can easily be taken down once your daughter outgrows it. 

  Other, less elaborate ways of decorating your child's bedroom with a fairy princess theme that also aren't expensive include decorating the walls of her room with murals that you can paint - scenic castles, unicorns, and magic wands.  Stencils and paint will do the trick here.  If painting the walls isn't an option in your residence, try peel and stick decals, which can be found through some online research.  The decals can create a whole princess scene on the walls, complete with knight in shining armor!  The decals can also be used on furniture in the bedroom, and removed once your little girl outgrows the theme.  To give her room sparkle and light, try some colorful strings of lights.  Star shaped lights in a variety of colors will create a glowing fairyland for your daughter.  Pink fairy lights can be found at places such as SaveonCrafts.  Craft skills can also be put to use with this decorating theme.  Accessories can be made through craft ideas found on the internet.  Inexpensive frames can be made for some favorite pictures.  Use posterboard or thin cardboard to mat them; decorate with shiny sparkles and confetti and glitter.  An inexpensive wall mirror can be bordered with sparkle glue, creating a fairy princess mirror for the wall.  A small or large "Princess" sign painted for the door helps to complete the look!

  Don't forget to check out bedding with a fairy princess theme.  Every little girl's bed needs sheets, blankets, and a comforter.  You can find these with the theme in any Walmart, Target, or similar mass market store.  A fluffy pink scatter rug can work nicely.  Don't forget a jewelry/music box for the dresser!  Other basic accessories can be found with this theme, from throw pillows to trash cans.  With a few handmade and other inexpensive touches, your daughter will have a bedroom fit for the finest of fairy princesses!