Decorating Your Teenager's Bedroom With a Travel Theme

  A road trip?  A European vacation?  Your teenager loves to travel, and dreams of places she's been and would like to visit.  Her plans for the future include traveling to various countries or perhaps getting an RV and cruising through North America.   Your teen might already have plenty of souvenirs and mementos if she is already an experienced traveler; these can easily be used as part of the decor when decorating your teenager's bedroom with a travel theme.  Even if she's not a worldly traveler at this point in time, there are still ways to make the room look as if she's been around the world and back.  You could hone in on one aspect of the theme, such as worldwide landmarks, or take a more eclectic approach and have her room display various signs of travel the country or world over. 

   One great way to begin with decorating your teenager's bedroom with a travel theme is through use of postcards.  If you or your teen have gathered postcards from your travels, or have gotten many from friends and relatives over the years, put them to good use in the decor.  Whether tacked on a bulletin board for display, or made into a collage to hang on the wall, or even individually framed or matted, postcards from travels make a great addition to a bedroom travel theme.  You could display them in group scenes, such as all beach postcards, all historic landmark postcards, or a state to state postcard display.  This can be altered and rearranged from time to time as new ones are added to the collection.  Posters and travel guide maps from other countries or places make great wall displays, too, with this decorating theme.  These can be easily attained by writing or emailing the local tourism department of whatever country or state you would like to include in your travel theme.  Include a map of the U.S. or Europe and mark off with little flags places already visited, or places your teenager wishes to visit.  Another great wall decor for a travel themed bedroom for a teenager is replicas of famous road signs - Route 66, for example.  This works especially well if focusing on a road trip aspect of the theme.  Don't forget displays of menus from famous eateries, too!  Or a collage of menus and napkins from restaurants famous all over.  Photographs from around the world or the country make nice decor, too - either ones you or your teen have taken, or printed out from some online searching and framed. 

  Furnishings could include a trunk decorated with travel stamps from around the world, along with accessories from various countries.  Knickknacks in the form of miniature worldwide landmarks make for a nice display on a shelf or dresser; you could include a replica of the Eiffel Tower, for instance.  Flags from various states or countries also make a unique travel theme display.  Foreign currency also enhances the theme of decorating a teenager's bedroom with a travel approach.  Search online for sites which offer foreign currency, either coins or paper, which can be used in decorating the room.  Let's not forget globes - even a globe shaped lamp or hanging light will work with this theme.  So for the teenager who dreams of traveling, or who is already an experienced jet setter, decorating your teenager's bedroom with a travel theme is a novel and unique approach to bedroom decorating.  As travels continue, new and updated decor can be purchased and displayed, allowing for a myriad of possibilities with this decorating theme.


An Anime Theme for Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom

   A Japanese anime theme is a unique idea for decorating a teenager's bedroom.  This will work well if your teen is a big anime fan.  There is so much more that can be done to create an anime themed bedroom than just posters of DragonBall Z or One Piece characters.  Lots of anime decor can be found; it's just a matter of knowing where to look.  The internet is a good place to start when decorating your teenager's bedroom in an anime theme.  Anime conventions are also good for finding all anime related decor.  These conventions can be found in almost every state each year, and all have a vendors section.  Anything anime related, or dealing with Japanese culture, can be found to purchase for your teenager.  Some examples include replicas of Samurai swords, along with complete anime character costumes.  These can be displayed in an anime themed bedroom. 

  Online import stores, such as YesAsia and The Rite Stuff, offer an easy way to buy items that are anime themed. Many comic stores also carry anime themed accessories appropriate for display in a teen's bedroom.  You can purchase figurines of favorite anime characters to display on a dresser of display shelf in a room.  Plushies of characters are sold; perfect to display on a bed or other prominent display area.  Pillows for a bed or chair, along with complete anime themed sheets and comforter sets, can also be found at Amazon online.  These are perfect accessories for decorating a teenager's bedroom in an anime theme.

  For a fully Japanese style appearance to add to the theme, purchase a low to the ground style bed, such as a platform bed or a futon.  In addition to the sword replicas, wall art can include traditional style Japanese scrolls with anime scenes and characters.  Add an anime based wall clock, along with peel and stick decals to decorate or create  your own anime scene on a wall.  To complete the look, add a banner of anime scenery.  You can also decorate a teenager's bedroom walls with a full anime mural, either painted by you or your teen, or with a ready made mural to hang on a wall.

  The Kawaii room for a girl who desires decorating her room with an anime theme involves using "cute" anime and manga characters, such as Hello Kitty or Princess Mononoke.

Display a lolita style dress on a wall.  There are plenty of ideas available for decorating a teenager's bedroom in an anime theme.  Check out some of the videos on you tube of teens who have done this.  You can either showcase one particular anime, or one type, or just a variety of favorites.  And don't forget - a plush Pikachu is always welcome.