Automotive technologies have come a long way since the model T. For decades now, people have been maneuvering through cities and towns in their cars, trucks, vans, etc. As the years came and went, technology continued to improve and manufacturers became more innovative with designs and it was not long before a little creativity introduced accessories for vehicles. Today there are numerous ways to 'soup up' your vehicle. You can have just about anything on or in your car customized to fit your personal style. Going down the road headed to your destination, many people see you and your car.

When at a stop light or sign, or just riding slow due to traffic, people notice the details of your car. Many use their vehicles to promote the things they believe in. I'm sure you have seen the ribbon magnets. These magnets have many sayings such as "POW MIA", or "Support Breast Cancer Research", by reading these stickers or magnets; it gets you to start thinking about what you believe in yourself. Then you start to wonder what cool things you can do to your car to 'trick it out' and show people what is important to you.

Not only can you show your pride through magnets and bumper stickers, with advancement in technology and paying attention to how the eyes work, now available for purchase are window graphics. These vehicle graphics are placed on the rear window of the vehicle and are usually a picture of scenery or a slogan of some sort. Not to worry though, these graphics were designed in a way as to not obstruct the view of the driver. The graphic is made up half of holes and half of material. When looking at something, the human eye picks up on light reflected off of objects. When looking at the graphic from the outside, your eyes pick up on the mentioned reflected light and thus makes the holes disappear, giving the graphic a solid image. These graphics are designed to go on the outside of the window and will not be affected by the original factory defroster and window tint.

For those of you that are in support of our military, this is a perfect way to show your support. There are many military vehicle window graphics for each branch. By having one of these graphics displayed proudly on the window of your ride, you are telling all seeing eyes that you are proud of your loved one in the military. It is a reflection of who you are and what you believe. Remember earlier when I mentioned that by displaying such things on your car you are making others think about things? Well, if you have a military window graphic on your vehicle, you are helping to raise the awareness of the importance of things such as veteran benefits, the political issues surrounding and affecting our military directly, the fact that our country has men and women currently making sacrifices in a war zone and that they are willing to make any sacrifice necessary to ensure the safety of our land and its citizens. As you can see, it may be just a graphic to some, but subconsciously you are making people prioritize their thoughts and concerns of the well being of this nation.

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