Many couples feel they need to choose a ceremony or reception venue with a décor that suits their wedding theme or style perfectly. Wouldn't it be great if it were that easy! But don't be disheartened – with a little imagination any space can be turned into a gorgeous bridal scene.

Empty space is a wonderful thing. Just as a marvellous work of art begins as a blank canvas, the most unadorned of empty spaces also has the potential for great things.


Begin by looking at the layout of your reception or ceremony space. How many tables and chairs will be required? Where will the bride and groom stand or sit? Where will the cake or register signing table/band/dance floor/bar be placed?

If you have a larger area than your require, don't make the (natural) mistake of spreading everything around to fill the space available.

You don't want your guests getting lost in space! If you want to create a warm atmosphere, cluster tables close together, illuminate them and leave an empty perimeter of darkness around them.

Alternatively, you could 'close off' unused areas using wedding decorations such as topiary trees, large flower-filled urns, columns and the like.

Think about the entrance area and the first impression it will make on your guests. Use a beautiful flower arrangement, a life-sized photo of the tow of you or even the wedding cake as a focal point for their eyes to turn to upon entering.

The dance floor should be placed at the centre of the room if you're after a really good party atmosphere. As for the bridal table, consider sting at a larger round or oval table at the centre of your guests so you can really feel a part of the celebrations.

All things flora

Mother Nature has given us some truly superb props when it comes to dressing up a venue. Topiary trees and flower arrangements can be used for anything from creating an aisle or framing and emphasising a focal point to softening the edges of harsh angles in the room.

And don't forget table centrepieces. These bring colour, fragrance and warmth to a setting and can be used to create the style of atmosphere you would like. For example, tall candelabra draped with foliage and adorned with beautiful blooms denote a formal, elegant celebration while floating candles and flowers in a glass bowl create the feel of a stylish yet more relaxed atmosphere.

Flower petals, too, can be used to great effect. Imagine a petal-scattered 'carpet' for the bride and groom to walk down or sprinklings of fragrant dried blooms on the guest tables. Petals in paper cones can also be given to guests to be used as confetti (and they're better for the environment, too!)


Fabric is a decorator's best friend. Any setting can benefit from elegant chair covers and table linen but there's so much more that can be done with fabric. Skilfully draped, fabrics can create a beautiful backdrop for the bridal table, decorative skirts and cloths for the cake table and buffet tables, and even a billowing canopy to 'lower' a too high ceiling and bring warmth and intimacy to a room.

Wedding and event coordinators, party hire services and floral designers can all assist you in transforming your venue into your dream vision. Use your imagination, be adventurous and have fun!