Bedrooms are just wonderZebra Printful rooms to decorate, redecorate, and add a little touch of your flavor and personality. And when it comes to decorating a bedroom in a zebra print theme there are a wide variety of choices you will need to make.

There are several things to think about when you are decorating a bedroom in a zebra print theme. Basically, you have to think about the things that make you feel comfortable. In case this is your very first time venturing into the world of beautiful zebra patterns, then start small. Just add several pillows and a medium sized carpet, plus several accessories or a well-positioned artwork. When you are more comfortable with the new bedroom style, it is possible to go for brighter and bolder additions.

Also, you will need to think about how you want the room to look, what the big picture is, and what the color palette is. It is quite useful to look through various decorating magazines. You will see a lot of pictures of great bedrooms to inspire you. Randomly cut those pictures of your favorite pieces and start a 'glue book'. That way you might start to see a pattern and colors you are attracted to.

Furthermore, you want to think about the bedding. In case you get a zebra print bedding, you should get the same print repeated on every piece, including sheets and comforters. On the other hand, a lot Zebra Beddingof sets can include a zebra print comforter, however feature a solid color bed sheets. It is possible to get a zebra print in bedding of any style, including futon covers, bedspreads, duvets etc. And in case you definitely wish the zebra print to pop, you just have to make a more subdued background. Neutral colors such as, lime green, purple, white, beige, taupe tan, cream, off white and brown are easy to play with, and they will not overshadow the zebra patterns. Camel and gray are good background colors as well. Paint bedroom walls in a sage green or calming gray; next add bedding, pillows, pictures, and other zebra print accessories.

You can experiment with the simplicity of zebra coloring by adding a lot of lovely details in vivid colors, such as a bright orange, rosy pink or a slightly subdued cherry-red. Creating contrast will bring out the best in the color harmony.