A bistro dining room can feel like your favorite restaurant. It has a French feeling to it that is also very cheerful. You can coordinate with your kitchen if you have an open floor plan or if you don't have a dining room at all. This allows you to create an entire theme space or to set up a small nook. Here are a few tips to create a bistro dining room on a budget.

Add in fabric. When you think of this kind of dining room you may just automatically picture a checked tablecloth. You can mix this up with the different kinds of checks that you use. Another option to get a very authentic bistro look is just to bring in a cheap patio iron table and chair set. These sets are often small and may only include two chairs. This is perfect for small spaces or just if you want to create a area where you can have a morning cup of coffee.

Bistro furniture is often made out of iron. This allows for a very delicate and airy feeling but it might not be as comfortable as wood furniture. In this case you want to include a chair pad because this is the place where your friends and family hang out a lot of times. This is also an opportunity to play around with color. You can paint your furniture a bright red or a blue and this will really help you create ambiance. This is really important if your dining area is open to the rest of the house and you don't like painting your walls a funky color. You can also define your space with fun accessories like a chalkboard with a menu of the day written on it. If you're really committed to this design style you could use chalkboard paint on your wall and trim it out with a funky ornate frame.

You should really focus in on window treatments in this design style. This creates a very whimsical look on a budget and also really gives a café feeling. You can even make café curtains by hanging the curtains halfway down the window. The bottom of the window treatments should just go to the end of the windowsill instead of all the way to the floor. This will still add in a lot of light while at the same time giving you a little bit of privacy.

Play around with color. If you've ever been a in a real bistro you know it's full of atmosphere. You can re-create the same look in your room with just a little bit of color but you want to make sure that it doesn't become too overwhelming. You can go with anything from a bright and cheerful yellow to a very moody chocolate brown depending on what kind of bistro you want have right in your own home.

Break up your dining area. You might not have enough space for one large dining table. This is especially important if you want to bring your outdoor space inside. Instead, use a few small iron end tables for more of a café feeling and it will also create small conversation nooks in your room. Plus, it isn't a layout that everyone else in your neighborhood will have so it is very unique decorating style.