With the skyrocketing prices of things these days, being able to stick to a tight budget while still getting the kind of look you want when it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom can be quite a challenge. Still, it is not an impossible thing to do, and can actually be done with the help of a few tips and tricks. In order to carry this task out, you might want to check out some of these money-saving ideas.

Think of a theme and decorate the room using this theme as a guide. – You don’t necessarily have to decorate the entire room with butterflies if your theme revolves around butterflies nor do you need to fill the room with rainbows if this is the theme your daughter chooses. The theme that you choose can be used as a guide to help you with color schemes, shapes, accents and such. You can add small pieces that carry the theme you choose, such as a lamp with a shade that carries a butterfly print or small butterfly wall decals for kids’ rooms attached in a few select places.

Try to reuse and recycle what you already have. – The actual word you are looking for when redecorating a girl’s room to make it look new is “repurpose”. You can save a lot of money by repurposing old but still usable drawers, shelves and bed frames. Worried about the baby girl wallpaper in your child’s room that is no longer ideal for your child’s age? No need to worry. You can repurpose this by adding more age appropriate wall decals for kids’ rooms.

To repurpose old yet still usable children’s furniture, you can have these repainted with colors that your girl likes or have these covered with wallpaper or decals that are the same as what can be found on the walls of the room. If these furnishings are in pastel or baby colors but are made of solid wood, you can have the paint stripped down and let the natural wood grain of these items stand out.

Rearrange and refresh what you are thinking of keeping. – Since not all baby furniture and toddler items that are found in your girl’s room are necessarily headed for the trash heap, choose which items can still be repurposed for this room and place these in areas that can use them. Items such as kids lamps and little girl’s mirrors can still be used by older kids or teenagers as long as these are placed in areas of the room where they can be seen as accents or decorative pieces.

Find bedding that goes well with the new décor of the room. – Using bedding that goes well with what the new room looks like will help tie in all the decorative elements of your girl’s room. You can also choose bedding that comes in the same colors as your design ideas or in complementing shades.

Find bargains online. – This is where you can save a lot of money. If you can find low cost decorations and items for your child’s room online, you can easily redo your daughter’s room at a fraction of what it would have cost if you purchased all new items. A lot of families sell off old items that their daughters outgrew and are still usable so you might be able to find a suitable dresser or headboard for your redecorating needs online. Scouring the internet for bargains can also help you formulate your decorating ideas and can even be something you and your daughter can do together.