Decorating a Small Room the right way can give you the appearance of a bigger room. Here you will find some tips and tricks on how to decorate to maximize the appearance of space and make a room look bigger than it really is.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger Using Paint

Painting the WallsA good rule of thumb is that the darker the paint the smaller the room will look. This does not mean you can not add a splash of color to your rooms you just need to ensure you are adding it in all the right places.

Using Dark Paint When Decorating a Small Room: To avoid the feeling that the walls are closing in on you limit your use of bright or dark paint colors. If you choose to use dark colors then don't cover all of your walls in dark colors instead opt to paint the end walls in a light(er) paint color This can help your rooms to appear longer and less confined, still incorporate some color into the room and give you an overall desired appearance. An alternative for maximizing the appearance of space in the room try painting only 1 wall in your darker colors and leave the remaining 3 walls painted in colors that are light. You can also opt to paint the ceiling and floor trims in a lighter color to help the design of your room seem more open.

Using Light Paint When Decorating a Small Room: Keeping your walls painted in light colors especially white and tinted whites can make a small room look bigger. Tip: Avoid high gloss shiny paints when choosing your colors especially in rooms that get a lot of natural sunlight to prevent glare and to help keep the space looking open and welcoming.

Colors that make a room look bigger include light cream colors, light blues and white.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger Using Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors can work miracles in expanding the apparent space in a small room. To use mirrors to make rooms look bigger you have several options.

A wall of mirrors: Not every household can pull off a completely mirrored wall and for homes with small children this may not be the best choice. However, if you can and you desire a more spacious appearance this can help. Walls opposite of windows and or doors are ideal as they can help create the illusion of continued space as if the wall merely doesn't exist and instead expands into another space.

Mirrored Trim: A border of mirrors just below the edge of the ceiling can also help create the appearance of a larger space. These decorative mirror pieces can be found in most home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

Mirror EffectLarger Individual Mirrors: If you are looking for a less extensive method of creating a visually larger room consider placing larger square and rectangular decorative mirrors on walls across from windows and doors.

Long Mirrors: Long Mirrors can be placed alongside doors, fireplaces and windows to help make a room look bigger as well. If possible avoid mirrors that have bulky frames or colored frames as this detracts from the space expanding appearance.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger With Furniture

Avoiding bulky furniture is going to be your ideal goal to achieve your desired look but there can be more to it than that. The height of your furniture is another factor that can play into the visual appearance so if your furniture stands too tall it will make the room appear short. So opt for furniture that is low standing and if you must incorporate a taller furniture item consider keeping it's colors light and as close to the color of your walls as possible so that you maintain a flow throughout the room.

Beds, Couches and other main room decor furniture can help you get that open airy feeling when you opt for styles that show open space. Consider pieces that sit up off of the floor and show the open space beneath. For rooms that will contain both a bed and a couch consider a futon or day bed that can be used for both instead of having two separate pieces of furniture taking up space.

Utilize multipurpose furniture. Coffee tables that can be placed along a wall instead of the center of a room can be used to set a television or other media device on to optimize the space or using a coffee table with shelves can provide an easily accessible area for books or other knickknacks.

Avoid placing furniture (when possible) directly in the center of a small room as this will minimize the appearance of space. If you can place furniture items nearest the longest walls or angled and away from doorways. Also avoid extremely bright contrasting furniture instead incorporate your favorite bright colors in the extra's i.e. couch pillows, bed pillows, throws folded at the foot of beds, pictures, lamps etc.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger by Organizing your Space

Eliminate Clutter

People underestimate the power of de-cluttering a room or how much organizing a room can help make a room look bigger. To help increase your space both literally and visually consider toning down how

many items are displayed in the room and finding organizing options for the items that can't be stored.

For toys, stuffed animals and the likes consider using ceiling nets to store them rather than having them taking up space on the floor and shelves. This will open space for other things as needed.

Clothes - get them off the dressers, floor and bed instead invest in some simple closet organizers and make a place for everything to make more room and maximize the space that you have. The same goes for shoes, belts, coats and purses.

Wall Shelves can be a great option when placed over a desk for storing books, paperwork or other easily shelved items. Using wall shelves can eliminate the cluttered look in a room therefore creating a visually larger space.

These are just some of the easiest ideas you can use when decorating a small room that can help give you the feeling of more space. Before you begin it is a good idea to draw up your plans this can give you a general idea of what placements will create the spacey design you are looking for.