Decorating a Teen Boy's Bedroom With A Wrestling Theme


  Your son loves watching WWE plus all the other wrestling events that are broadcast each week.  His favorite activities include going to the gym for boxing or wrestling practice.  You believe your son would love a bedroom decorated with a wrestling theme but wonder if it's possible to do this.  The answer is yes, it can be done, and a wrestling themed bedroom can easily be created for your teenage son without huge cost.  Use his favorite wrestler's colors for the color scheme in the bedroom and go on from there.  The whole bedroom could be transformed into a mini wrestling arena, or just decorated to look like one.  This can easily be done by adding a post to each corner of the bedroom, then stringing ropes across the walls and attaching them to the posts to create the illusion of a wrestling ring.  Another option is to paint ropes across the walls when decorating with this theme.  You can also paint the posts in each corner.   Peel and stick silhouettes of spectators can be placed "behind" the ring painted on the wall - or behind the ropes stretched across the walls.   Decorate the walls of your teen boy's bedroom with posters of his favorite wrestlers.  If your teen approves, a few posters from movies such as Rocky can also be used on the walls.  Use poster board to create signposts announcing wrestling contests and display them on the walls or bedroom door.

  Other wall decorations for a teen boy's bedroom with a wrestling theme could include hanging used boxing gloves on the wall.  Display WWE memorabilia on a display shelf; some can also be hung on the wall.  If your son has done any amateur wrestling and won trophies or ribbons, make sure these are prominently displayed, along with any championship belts.  Make a collage of wrestling photos, ticket stubs from wrestling matches, and other wrestling related pictures. 

  Decorating the rest of the bedroom wrestling style isn't difficult with all the WWE merchandise available in stores and online.  Bedding with the WWE logo is available at mass merchandise stores such as Walmart or Target.  Can't find it?  Use bedding that reflects his favorite wrestler's colors.  Some bedding can be found with images of WWE wrestlers.  Sheets, blankets, pillowcases and comforters are items to look for, along with scatter rugs and throw pillows with the WWE logo.  Inflatable WWE chairs can be purchased, too, for bedroom chairs when decorating your teen son's bedroom with a wrestling theme.  Bobbing head WWE wrestler figurines are a nice touch to add on a dresser or a shelf.  Check online venues such as ebay or amazon for other items such as WWE themed alarm clocks and lamps or lampshades and switch plate covers.  If you are on a limited budget, buy one item at a time.

  Check the internet for other ideas to add to a wrestling themed bedroom for a teenage boy.  With a little bit of skill, work, and imagination, your son can have a wonderful wrestling themed bedroom that rocks!