Decorating a Teenage Girl's Bedroom With Color Themes

   One good way to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom is by using her favorite color throughout her bedroom.  This means more than just buying sheets and comforters in the favorite color.  A good first approach is to take a look at colors favored by teenage girls for their bedrooms.  Various studies indicate that blue, green and turquoise are among top color choices for females, followed by purple and lavender.  Least favorite colors for females are orange, brown and grey.  But if any of those colors are your daughter's favorite, than that is a color you can go with for decorating her bedroom.  Most little girl's tend to outgrow the cultural favorite color of pink, while some teenage girls still take a shine to having a pink bedroom.  Other times, a favorite color may be one or two particular shades of that color - powder blue, pale blue, for example, but a dark denim blue bedroom wouldn't appeal to your teen.  Once you and your daughter have settled on her favorite color or colors, including the perfect shades and hues, it's time to start decorating using the selected color scheme.   

  If you are allowed to paint the walls, choose a paler or darker shade of the selected color to create an accent wall - or two.  The room won't look so monochromatic that way - especially if you include some painted designs along the color lines.  Stencil in some patterns and designs that appeal to your daughter, and together you can paint them in with contrasting colors or shades of the selected color for decorating your teenager's bedroom.  Don't forget to decorate the ceiling, too.  If painting is not allowed in your residence, try peel and stick wallpaper borders and decals in a design with the color your teenage girl wants for her bedroom.  You could use any pattern or design for the peel and stick decor, from flowers to polka dots or stripes, plaid or paisley prints - see what appeals to your teenager and purchase and apply accordingly. 

  For bedding, look for matching sheet and comforter sets in the same color, and with the same design if possible - flowers prints, polka dots - all can be found in various stores and online shops that sell bedding, from traditional to funky.  Combination colors picked for the room can be found for bedding, throw pillows, chair pads, scatter rugs, lamp shades - just about any necessity or accessory desired.  Paint bookcases and shelves with the matching color theme, or purchase ones already supplied with the desired color(s).  Wall prints and posters to reflect the color of the room are great for added decor in decorating a teenage girl's bedroom.  If her desired color is lavender, look for prints of lavender flowers, or abstract paintings and posters with various shades and hues of purple.  Bedroom furniture can also be purchased or painted in the desired color; if this is not possible or practical, some colored ribbons tied to the bed posts, or decorative trays on a dresser with the color theme of the room will work nicely.  Headboards can be found in stores or online in a variety of colors and patterns if this is affordable for you. 

  Whatever color theme bedroom your daughter chooses, decorating your teenage girl's bedroom with this color will be exciting for both of you.  Her bedroom will be the color she wants, making it warm and inviting to her for sleep or study, or hanging out with friends.


Victorian Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Teenage Girl

 Long dresses, frills and lace, ribbons and flowers....your little girl turned teenager still adores the style of the Victorian era.  Decorating a teenage girl's bedroom with a Victorian theme is easy and affordable even if you are on a limited budget.  Flea markets, yard sales and antique shops are ideal places for finding items to accessorize a Victorian themed bedroom. 
  Floral and ornate designs traditional to the Victorian era will  give the bedroom an elegantly feminine appeal.  This is especially true with a more "Country Victorian" approach to the bedroom.   While still ornate in design, this style is a bit lighter than traditional Victorian themes, and works especially well for a teenage girl's bedroom.

  Use floral wallpaper or a flowery border for the walls.  Pastel colors are best for the Victorian look.  Antique style paintings in ornate frames can be hung on the walls.  Although a bit on the pricey side, Victorian style wall sconces (lights that attach to the wall with brackets) are decorative and functional.  Lacey curtains, or long, lush, floral drape style curtains can be used for the windows.  Fringe tassels for the curtains also help create the Victorian style. 
 Dark wood furniture with ornate carvings also helps create the Victorian theme for the bedroom, along with wrought iron pieces.  Some antiques and even reproductions can be on the expensive side; this is where thrift stores and flea markets come in handy.  Second hand furniture can be refinished with an "aged" look if desired.  You can find knobs, handles, and furniture pulls in a Victorian style to use on a dresser or chest of drawers.   A display table, covered with trimmed fabric, can be used for displaying photographs or small artwork in antique frames.  A wrought iron or brass accented daybed, or headboard for a regular bed made of plated brass works well in a Victorian theme.  Another bed choice would be a canopy bed, if possible, made from heavy wood like mahogany.   Hardwood floors covered with an oriental rug or two work best.  Wall to wall carpeting was usually not used in the Victorian era bedroom.  A floor length stand alone mirror, and if possible, an upholstered chair or a bench are also good additions.

 Bedding could include cotton or linen sheets and heavy blankets and quilts.  Embossed quilts with ruffles look especially feminine in a teenager's bedroom with this theme. Don't forget the ruffled or lace edged pillows!  Piles of pillows, in all shapes and sizes, embroidered and threaded with gold are another good idea. 

 When it comes to Victorian style accessories, the rule of thumb is usually the more the better!  Jewelry boxes, collectibles, perfume bottles and more can be placed atop the dresser or nightstands.   Vases of fresh (or artificial) flowers , atop a lace doily , also look good on any surface in the Victorian themed bedroom.   A silver or mirrored tray on a dresser can hold your teen's comb and brush set. 

 With these ideas, your teenage daughter can have a Victorian themed bedroom that will be very feminine and elegant!