Decorating a Teenage Girl's Bedroom With a New Age Theme

  Loreena McKinnett, Enya and Yanni lull your teenage daughter to sleep each night.  Every day she meditates and contemplates and practices her yoga moves.  Your teenage daughter is a "new age" girl.  Decorating her bedroom with a new age theme is an idea that would delight her.  It's also an affordable and easy to create theme for a bedroom.  A good place to begin is by choosing a color scheme based on the color aura your daughter would like her room to transmit.  Once the color has been decided, you can either paint the walls in varying shades or, if painting is not allowed in your residence, use the color scheme for wallpaper borders and decals that peel and stick and are easily removed.  Decals or borders of unicorns, fairies, anything with the solar systems - the sun, moon and stars and planets - and rainbows - all make good new age wall bedroom decor when decorating your teenage daughter's bedroom with this theme.  Hang a decorative wand or two on the wall.  Mirrors framed by the moon or sun can be found in stores and at online shopping venues; these make decorative and functional new age style wall decor.  Look for artwork with stained glass designs depicting angels and other celestial beings.  

Less expensive new age culture accessories can be purchased, too, such as candles, wind chimes, incense and incense burners, smudge sticks and bowls, and more candles.  Decorative candles and incense holders are perfect additions to a new age themed bedroom.  A small display table could hold healing crystals and gemstones, and miniatures of Buddha, serenity sculptures  and crystal balls of various sizes.  Include little bells, and miniature cymbals called mini tingshas.  Stone sculptures are also popular among new age people.  Anything involving earth's elements that can be used for decoration is fine.  A small stone waterfall tabletop or wall mounted display would work well.  These bring tranquility and negative ions to the air to remove impurities, very important in the new age movement.

  Don't forget to include a meditation and yoga practice area in the bedroom.  Even a small space bedroom has room for a printed yoga mat, which you can find online at places such as Gaiam.  Some prints of yoga positions could be added to the wall in the practice area for decorating your teenage girl's bedroom in a new age theme.  A meditation chair, if affordable in your budget, can be added to this area.  Include a decorative shelf or bookcase to hold all of your daughter's new age books.  

  Organic bedding, or all natural cotton sheets and comforters, work best with a new age themed bedroom.  To decorate the bed include some dream pillows, prepared with sacred herbs and oils, for a new age look and smell to the bed.  A plush unicorn or two can be included.  At night, the dream pillows can be placed under regular pillows to ensure sweet dreams.  Other furnishings to keep in mind when decorating a teenage girl's bedroom for a new age theme look should be simple and sleek  and contemporary.  They should also be comfortable and vibrant, using colors and styles to promote healing and relaxation.  When decorating your teenage girl's bedroom with this theme, she'll have a relaxing, inviting bedroom for years to come.


A Tropical Beach Paradise Theme for Decorating a Teenage Girl's Bedroom

  Beach themes and tropical paradise themes are both highly popular decorating ideas for teenage girl's bedrooms.  Merge them into one and you've got a tropical beach paradise theme!  For the year round feel of summer, nautical, beach and tropical decorations work beautifully, especially during cold, dreary winter months.  The outside may say snow and ice; inside, a warm beach scene in your daughter's bedroom.  What are some steps you can use to create this indoor paradise?

  Starting with the walls, if you are allowed to paint them, a painted mural of a tropical paradise or beach scene is an excellent way to begin.  If you can't paint freehand, stencils of all shapes and sizes can be used to outline a scene, which you can then paint.  Gentle ocean waves lapping against the shore, palm trees, seagulls, a setting sun shining on them - these ideas and others can be used for the painted wall mural.  If painting is not allowed in your residence, hanging wall murals can be purchased with life size scenes.  The other walls can be painted an ocean blue color, either one shade or overlapping shades of blue for an ocean feel.  Use peel and stick wallpaper borders of seashells or starfish or ocean birds if you can't paint the walls.  Decals or pictures and prints of lighthouses, palm trees,  tropical fish, seashells, and other ocean scenery work well, too.  A frame could be decorated with sea coral glued on, or use tiny seashells to border a frame.  For other innovative wall decorations when decorating a teenage girl's bedroom with a tropical beach paradise theme, tack an inexpensive beach towel with ocean decor to the wall.  If your daughter owns a surfboard, display that, too.  Otherwise, surfboard replicas can be hung on the walls.  Nautical style wall clocks, or clocks with a tropical setting, are a practical yet fitting decoration. 

  Seashells, always a part of any beach or tropical paradise setting, can be used in a variety of ways when decorating a teenage girl's bedroom with this theme.  Small ones can be glued and shellacked to just about anything, from a trashcan to picture frames or a lamp base.  Don't forget to include jewelry boxes and other small items, such as pencil holders.  A large shell makes a perfect paperweight.   A collection of shells can be displayed on a shelf or tabletop.  Sand dollars and starfish can be included in the shells, especially miniature ones.  Keep a bottle of sunscreen handy on a dresser; open it up every now and then to give the bedroom the aroma of tanning in the sun.  A bottle filled with sand and small seashells and starfish also makes a nice decoration in the bedroom.  Create a miniature beach scene on a tray with sand, small shells, a little plastic palm tree or two glued to the tray, and a tiny doll sized beach towel.  Many decorations and accessories can be hand crafted for a tropical beach paradise theme when decorating a teenage girl's bedroom with this theme. 

  When decorating the windows, use tropical designed sun catchers to catch the rays no matter what the weather.  Light, breezy curtains work well in a tropical beach paradise themed bedroom.  Canvas blinds also make excellent beach themed window blinds.  In the rest of the bedroom, space permitting, use lounge or beach chairs for seating to complement the theme.  A treasure chest for storage decorated with shells and ocean coral can be included.  Bedding and throw rugs with seashells or palm tree designs also add to the effect.  Before you know it, your teenage daughter will have a tropical beach paradise bedroom the envy of all her friends.  Decorating a teenage girl's bedroom with this theme can be fun, and she'll have a tropical beach paradise year round.