Decorating a Dining Room on a BudgetDining rooms are often low on the list of rooms in the home to be decorated. This may be because other rooms are more important or are used more often, or because many think it is expensive to decorate a dining room. You don't have to break the bank and can even decorate a dining room on a budget.

The most important aspect of decorating a dining room is, of course, finding a dining room table. Ask friends or family if they have a dining room table they want to get rid of or check out online classifieds or garage sales for cheap tables. Keep in mind while shopping for a table that a tablecloth can hide many imperfections.

You may be lucky enough to find a dining table with chairs, which makes decorating much easier, but you may find only a table and then have to look for chairs. If you cannot find a set of matching chairs you may have to settle for a mismatched set. Purchase some cheap fabric to redo the seats or to place over the chairs.

For a dining room buffet you could again ask around or canvas garage sales. If you cannot find one a small side table, or better yet, a couch or entry table, will work just as well as a buffet or sideboard. Decorating your dining room side table can be just as easy as stacking your dishes on top of the table when not using them.

Dishes are often easy to come by, even a brand new set for four can cost as little as $10. Flea markets are also good places to find dishes for as little as five or ten cents a piece. Mix and match them for even more fun.

Tablecloths can be expensive, and if you need one quickly and cheaply, just pull out a plain flat sheet from the closet and throw it on the table. You could also hem a long strip of fabric to use as a table runner.

Decorating a dining room table often includes a centerpiece. Place a vase of fresh flowers from your garden in the middle of the table or fill a bowl with fruit. Simple often works better than fancy.

Go with simple on your walls as well. Paint is cheap and using a bright color can freshen up the room. You could also paint your own painting for the wall or purchase and frame a nice poster.

Decorating your dining room on a budget can be done and can leave you with a room that makes you feel good and leaves others plenty of room for compliments.