Plastic Easter eggs are pretty cheap but they don't have to look that way. Decorating for Easter helps you get in the spirit and it's also an opportunity to really spruce things up after a long winter. You get to bring in bright and fresh colors. However, you probably don't have a huge budget for this holiday and that's ok. You can decorate with items that you already have in the Easter box in the garage. You might want an elegant look but you can only afford a dollar store budget. Here are a few tips for reusing plastic Easter eggs in a way that makes them look like something special.

Use the eggs as a base. This only works if you aren't concerned with actually using the eggs to hold candy or open and close them again. You could wrap the eggs in fabric or make a collage design on them out of decoupage glue and paper. This will cover up most of the cheap plastic but at the same time it really gives you that holiday shape. This allows you to bring in any color or pattern that you want to work with your existing home decor. This will also hide that obvious line in the middle of the eggs that lets everyone know that it is fake.

Give the eggs a natural feel. Plastic Easter eggs often come in garish colors like hot pink. When was the last time you saw one of these in nature? Instead, try going with a subtle gray blue or sage green. Then add specks on top for more of a natural look. You might not even need different colors of eggs. If you do then try to go with very subtle variations for more of a natural look. This will make the pieces you create look a lot more high end. You can also stage them in a natural environment. You don't have to recreate birds nest but you could decorate with a twig centerpiece cut from branches in your back yard and stage the area with moss.

Another option for sprucing up plastic Easter eggs is paint. You could make them look modern by using a plastic paint in chocolate brown or black. When you change up the color it instantly makes things look more contemporary. This way they'll look really elegant. You could even top it off with some glitter in a gold or silver for an opulent look.

Decorating with cheap or free items really depends on staging. Well decorating successfully with these items really depends on staging. This is where you give importance and highlight items. It seems like all of the decorating magazines are featuring series of empty frames or random items from nature put in a glass hurricane vase. You can create the same look on a budget.

Know when to stop. Sure you can make every garland and wreath in existence with these materials but this can end up looking cheap and overdone. You can add in other spring colors and accessories. This will keep your space from looking cheesy and cheap. Plus, you'll have a lot less craft projects to perform and clean up after.