Black valances are an easy way to add a lot of character to your room. Whether you are sewing them yourself or you want to add a custom touch to a store bought valance here are a few ideas. This can really help tie your room together or it can serve as an inexpensive window treatment.

Find ways to add femininity. Black valances might seem a little bit harsh. However, they can really mirror other elements you have going on in your space. This makes them perfect for a kitchen where you have a lot of different black appliances and finishes. You could go for a French country look by going with a toile fabric that lends a softer touch to the room. This will often combine white and black together. It's a more subtle way to get a black valance.

Black Valances

Black Window Valance

Make black sophisticated. You might be a little bit afraid because the color seems too harsh or cold. However, you probably have several different little black dresses that you wear whenever you want to feel special. The same rule can apply to window treatments. Try adding a lot of sparkle. You can even pair a favorite antique brooch in the center of the valance to add a little elegant touch to it. Another option is to add your favorite trim such as beadwork or tassels to really give a lot of dimension to the dark color.

Black and White Valance

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Modern Window Treatments

Consider a modern style. Black valances don't have to be solid. You could go with a geometric pattern. This is a great option if you find fabric that you really love that you can't afford to buy in bulk. This way you can save on the cost of window treatments by just going with a basic black valance. Valances are also very practical in kitchens and bathrooms because they aren't too fussy.

You'll really want to tie your black valances into whatever else you're doing in your room. If you just have one black accent piece it can stick out like a sore thumb. Sure, black is a neutral color but it's also very cold. You could paint your end tables black or just add in a few iron accents throughout your space. You don't have to paint your walls black or go with a Gothic theme but you can add design continuity with just a few small touches. Plus, the color black is a little bit masculine so it can really help ground your room without being too overbearing.

Another option for black valances that are high on style is go with a natural look. At first, you might think that black is rarely found in nature but you can experiment with a lot of different tones. You can tie it in with the rest of your window treatments just by going with a bamboo or grass blind. This will often have a lot of different black flecks in it that will really add dimension. It will also give your grass blinds new life.