Faux silk curtains can really add an elegant touch to your room on a budget. You might want to get a more sophisticated look in your space so you can have an old Hollywood look in your apartment. Faux silk curtains are a lot easier to clean and work with and might be a better option if you are on a budget or you need a fabric that is more kid or pet friendly. Here are a few tips for decorating with faux silk curtains.

Use faux silk curtains to add texture to a room. This is perfect if you are working with a monochromatic color palette. You might have chosen an all neutral room but when you got it finished it just felt a little bit boring. This is where you can really add in opulent texture for an elegant feel. Envision taupe walls with a plain beige couch. This might seem a little uninspired. Instead, just install shimmering gold window curtains for a high end feeling. Faux silk will have a lot of different tones and colors to it and these will be very subtle. This is a way to tie in a lot of different shades of your room together.

Make the curtains the star of the room. Faux silk curtains can still cost a lot of money even if they aren't made out of real silk. In this case you could use a daring color like a peacock blue. This could be your splash of color in the room in a beautiful fabric and it will be noticed in your space. You can go with a neutral wall color and then just match the curtains to the rest of your furniture with a few simple throw pillows.

Faux silk curtains don't have to be stuffy or remind you of your grandmothers' sitting room. You can also make them chic. You can use them as a way to add an elegant touch to a simple contemporary space. In this case you want to go with curtains that don't have pleats. Instead look for metal grommets such as stainless steel. This is a fantastic way to juxtapose the modern and traditional design styles to create something that is all your own.

Save money with shower curtains. This fabric is very common in shower curtains and it can be a lot less expensive. You'll want to make sure that you find a hanging system that will ensure that no one knows that you are using actual shower curtains. This way you'll be able to shop on clearance or finally find a size that is suitable for a picture window.

Add in a little bit of whimsy. These window treatments are common in model homes so this might be the exact look that you are going for. However, you can find subtle textures such as polka dots or just go with a feminine color such as hot pink or purple. This is a way to add sophistication to a little girl's or teens bedroom. Fabrics don't have to be loud to be beautiful and get noticed.