Decorating and Furnishing an Outdoor Balcony

  Many upper level apartment units and some older houses in cities offer outdoor balconies.  Many times these balconies are neglected, or become a storage space for a multitude of outdoor unused toys or wet beach towels.  A small lawn chair perhaps is the only "furniture" present on an outdoor balcony.  Time to change this around and take advantage of your immediate outdoor area!  Without having to go any further than your own apartment, you have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a pleasant, almost private environment decorated by you!  If you ever move, almost all balcony furnishings will work well in a backyard or garden patio area. That means you will be able to recycle your investment.

  When purchasing furniture for your outdoor balcony, what are some considerations to keep in mind?  You'll want furniture that is durable and all weather proof, unless you plan on bringing certain pieces indoors during inclement weather.  For this same reason, choose furniture that is easily washable, as it will be exposed to varying amounts of dirt and pollution.  You can choose to purchase covers or tarps for some furniture to protect it.  Some pieces of outdoor furniture have water and weather proof tarps available for purchase.  These will enable you to protect and keep your balcony furniture for years to come. 

  Keep in mind the size of your balcony when purchasing furniture for it.  Is there room for a small table and chairs for two, or can you fit a table and seating for four or more?  Wood or tempered glass tops tables are popular choices for outdoor tables.  Other outdoor dining sets can be made of aluminum or wicker, and some include padded seats with the chairs.  For smaller balconies, outdoor bistro sets are a great idea.  You can purchase folding metal sets to store indoors during bad weather; when the weather is nice, and you wish to eat out on your balcony, they can easily be set up, making them functional and decorative at the same time.  Bench style tables with either movable seats or built in bench seats is another good balcony table idea.  Cast iron and marble tables, while pricier, make perfect all weather balcony tables.  Comfortable and decorative chairs for the balcony include folding slatted chairs, and the traditional Adirondack rocking chair.  Don't forget an outdoor ottoman for your feet!  Smaller outdoor rocking chairs are also available if the Adirondack proves too big for your balcony.  For added comfort, choose cushions and pillows in bright, decorative designs and colors for your seating pleasure.  Ones that are easily washable, of course! 

  There are several accent and end tables to choose from to put next to your balcony seats.  A small outdoor bar with bar stools may be perfect for entertaining that includes balcony access.  It's easy to finish decorating an outdoor balcony with lanterns and hanging chimes, along with a few plants.  You could add streamers or just about any other decoration that goes with the style or theme you would like to achieve for your balcony.  Once furnished and decorated, your balcony will be a source of outdoor pleasure for you and your family.


Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Balcony

If you live in an upper unit apartment with a balcony, it's time to put it to good use!  An outdoor balcony can be furnished to make it a comfortable little hideaway when the weather is nice.  A balcony gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors  and have some outdoor living space without having to go any further than your own apartment.  Almost all balcony furnishings work well for garden patios, too.

   What are some things to consider when choosing outdoor furniture for your balcony?  Durability and construction and material are places to start.  You want to be sure the furniture is durable and well constructed so that it will last a long time, especially if you need to leave the furniture out through all kinds of weather.  You want the material it's made from to be easily washable, too, because anything kept outside is going to get dirty at some point.  There is always the option of purchasing waterproof  covers for your outdoor balcony furniture to protect it from high winds and pouring rain.  A good waterproof tarp or covers made specifically for outdoor furniture can do wonders in extending their years of use!

  When choosing outdoor furniture for your balcony, think of more than just a few chaise lounges and a patio table for drinks.  Depending on the size of your balcony you can include a table for two, four, or eight.   The tables can have a tempered glass top, or be made completely of wood, or any number of good outdoor materials.  There are aluminum or wicker dining sets with chairs that have padded seats.  Outdoor bistro sets are popular for a smaller balcony.  Folding metal bistro sets are available which can easily be stored indoors during bad weather.  Bench style tables are good balcony tables, too, either with built in bench seats or movable seats.  On the pricier side are cast iron or marble tables, although they do make perfect all weather tables.  Other outdoor furniture for your balcony might include some traditional chaise lounges.  Folding slatted chairs make comfortable balcony chairs along with other style folding chairs.  If you want a chair, yet want to put your feet up, consider an outdoor ottoman to go with that chair!.  And don't forget an Adirondack rocker!  If that proves too big for your balcony there are plenty of other outdoor style rockers to choose from.   Cushions and pillows in all colors and designs, perfect for outdoor seating, can be included for added comfort.

  Accent or end tables come in all shapes and sizes for balconies.  A small bar for the balcony with a few bar stools may also suit your style.  Whatever you decide, choosing outdoor furniture for your balcony can lead to a balcony that is inviting and a perfect outdoor haven for you!