Do you page through glossy home design magazines and long to bring the same style and sophistication to your home but feel that you do not have the budget. Home decor on a shoe string budget is possible and with a few, easy to follow ideas and tips, you can create a totally new and exciting room.

The best ways to personalize a room is a with photographs and an affordable method adding character to a room, is to frame photographs of children, loved ones, even pets or special places that have been visited. Why not create a collage of your family's treasured snapshots to create a truly personalized work of art.

Another great decor idea is to add color to a room, and this can be easily achieved by draping throws over couches and sofas, adding splashes of color to an otherwise dull room. If you are unable to paint the entire room, consider changing the color of a single wall, and you will be surprised how this can dramatically change the atmosphere and the look of the room.

When decorating a home, do not be afraid to experiment and try new ideas in all rooms. Potted plants and fresh flowers in an attractive vase is a simple and very affordable way to give a tiered room new life. Home decorating on a budget is limited only by imagination and usually people have a number of available resources within easy reach that transforming a room into a warm and welcoming space needs not cost an arm an a leg. Take the time to browse home decor magazines to get a feel of what is current and adapt the ideas to create your own unique space. Should you have a skill for sewing, put your skill to good use by creating colorful cushion covers.

With DIY decorating there are no rules. While re-arranging rooms in your home, introduce old ornaments and trinkets to other rooms, or hang paintings in different rooms. Forget the notion that thousands must be spent to achieve the desired look. Simply make use of the resources which are available and come up with fun new ways of decorating your home. There are several art and craft websites that provide dozens of tips on how to create fascinating mirrors or frames, why not browse the internet and find easy to follow craft projects. When making use of what is readily on hand, we can all create welcoming rooms in our home, without breaking the bank.