Everyone loves to decorate for the holidays. This time of year almost every visit to department stores reveals shopping cart after shopping cart being pushed out of the store with Christmas trees, lights, nativity scenes, and other Christmas decorations. Many times decorating is only limited to the living room of the home where the tree is set up. A nice addition to a home is to extend the holiday feel to other areas of the home. The kitchen is one of the most lived in areas of the home. So choosing ways to decorate the kitchen and breakfast nook are a natural extension of the holiday.

It is always nice to choose a theme for a home. One year penguins were very popular. Other years snowmen marched about in prominence. Sometimes home owners also incorporate their hobbies into the decor. One older lady loved cats. Every year she purchased another Christmas ornament with a new kitty. She had kitties with ball of yarn, she had kitties with Santa hats on, and she even had a nativity scene made up of cats and kittens. Another homeowner blended her families love for music with the holidays. Every decoration on the tree was made up of an instrument. There was angels blowing trumpets, classic string guitars, metal pianos, harps, and brass instruments with red ribbon tied onto them.

So once a theme is chosen then the kitchen can be decorated accordingly. For the breakfast nook table, place mats can be purchased with snow men. A cookie jar can be added to the counter top that is made in the fashion of a three ball snowman. Little snowman candles can be added to the center of the breakfast nook table.

Also the chairs and benches around the breakfast nook can be decorated. To make the bench more comfortable for seating a creative homeowner used very narrow oval rag rugs in green and red to serve as cushions on the benches. On the seats she used round rag rugs. Since snowmen fit into a blue and white background, blue and white rug color schemes could also be used.

For decorating recently I even saw a magnetic Christmas scene that was intended for the front of the dishwasher. Snow men were standing around a frozen lake with children ice skating on it. So don't forget to first select a theme and then include the kitchen and breakfast nook in the festivities.