Beach art prints are a great way to start decorating your room. They can serve as your color inspiration and also create a casual, soothing air in your space. Plus, you can still get the feel of your beloved ocean no matter where you live. Here are a few tips for decorating with these pieces as the focal point.

Go dramatic. This type of decoration is common almost everywhere you go, whether it's the dentists' office or a model home. As such, a lot of people will pass by one of these framed pieces without even noticing it. You need to find a print that has something really dramatic about it. You could find moody looking black and white prints of the ocean. This might be the sheer size if you go for a triptych. This might look more like a wall of windows then an actual poster. If you don't have the view you want; buy it and hang it on the wall.

The other way that you can decorate with beach art prints is through the use of color. You can switch up the colors by going with a moody gray and green color palette or catch the ocean at sunset. You'll really have to analyze the piece to pick a wall color. Your first instinct will probably be "Well, it's the beach. So it's blue". This is very cliché thinking. When was the last time you went to the ocean and it was baby blue? If you do decide to go with a blue wall color go over the top with your paint choices by picking a funky turquoise or dramatic navy blue.

These types of accessory can really create a theme and mood in the room without spending a lot of money. You can also use them as a way to add variety, light and color to your space. You can even use them on neutral walls, like a sand color. This way your poster will really pop instead of blending in the way it would with a blue wall.

Let it shine. When you use beach art prints for decorating inspiration you can go overboard. It's so easy to just find lamps and knick knacks that look like sea shells or lighthouses. This can detract from the subtle beauty of the art because it will just become more "stuff" in a cluttered room. Instead, go with the feeling of the beach. Bring in casual woven mats on the floor and flowy white curtains on the windows. Keep the accessories to a minimum. The furniture should be substantial but have a weathered, distressed finish to it.