Blue bedroom furniture isn't just for boys or kids. Painted furniture seems to be in all the designer magazines lately and you can get the same look for less. It's just a matter of putting in a little hard work to get the exact style. You also have the advantage of finding the perfect style and scale of furniture for your room before you start painting to get a custom look. Here are a few tips for decorating with blue bedroom furniture.

Blue Dresser

South Shore Furniture, Summer Breeze Collection, 6 Drawer Dresser, Blueberry
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Shabby Chic Feminine Designs

Go shabby chic. This look could work with anything from changing tables, a little girls' room, a teen room, guest room or a master bedroom. You could even transform one of these dressers into a bathroom vanity or a kitchen island. First off you'll want to start with a piece with a lot of curved lines. This could be a Queen Anne style dresser or something even more ornate. Try dry brushing paint or using a glaze. For this style you'll want to use a blue-gray paint color. Then you can distress your finish with more sandpaper or glaze.

Blue Nightstand

KidKraft Locker - Medium - Blue
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More Masculine Themes

Blue bedroom furniture is a great way to decorate a boy's room. He might not want a lot of decorations simply because they seem too juvenile. Of course you want his room to look nice. Strike a compromise. You could find a locker in the colors of his favorite sports team. You can also give any plain dresser a modern look that will suit even the most masculine style. Start off with a chest of drawers that just looks like a big box; remember that modern design is all about simplicity and clean lines. Then paint it with a dramatic blue color like cobalt or navy. Accent the piece with oversized stainless steel handles for subtle style.

Another place where you can bring in blue is on the headboard. You can often find old, oversized headboards at the thrift store. They often feature worn wood or laminate that keeps most people from buying it so you can get a steal. You could create a funky Moroccan inspired piece just by priming and painting it and then giving it a few layers of a peacock blue paint. This style would make for a sophisticated teens' room or a funky master bedroom. Bring in other rich jewel tones like amethyst and garnet with silk bedding and carved nightstands.

People associate different things with the color blue. You might think that blue is for boys' or it might remind you of the sky. Choose the right color of blue so you'll have a positive association with it; like going with a blue that is the exact color of a Tiffany's ring box. (Hey, you might not be able to afford the jewelry but you can still surround yourself with the color.)

Blue bedroom furniture can work with all different kinds of design styles depending on the finish of the piece combined with the decorations in the rest of your room. This is a way to add color if you live in an apartment or just like neutral colored walls.