Blue living room furniture can be an asset or a liability. In the recent years there has been a huge trend towards neutral sofas and sectionals. This means that most furniture stores will showcase a variety of beige and taupe sofas. So what are you supposed to do if you want something different but you don't your room to look dated? Here are a few tips for designing around blue living room furniture.

Blue Accent Chair

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Accent Pieces

You don't necessarily just have to use it on your couch especially if you already have neutral versions. Try painting your end tables and coffee tables in a bright turquoise which also helps to add personality to a room with plain white walls. This will match a gray, brown, taupe, white, or even terra cotta color of sofa as well as gold. This neutral look is also much more durable because you can always keep the sofas as is and go with a different wall or accent furniture color.

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Blue living room furniture might tie in with the stone on your fireplace. It's also a claming color that helps you create a totally different atmosphere than a brighter color. Use these furnishings with a lot of thought so they last well into the future but still give you the look you want in the present.

Blue Coffee Table

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Decorating With a Blue Sofa

You can try updating the rest of your room to make a navy couch fit in. Go modern by bringing in glass coffee tables and stainless steel lamps. You can tie in the couches with neutral wallpaper by going with an oversized two tone pattern on the pillows. Damask is traditional, modern and elegant at the same time so it's a perfect way to update your blue living room.

You might want to buy a blue sofa because it's your favorite color. You might be sick of all the basic colors that everyone else is buying. However, you need to pick a piece that will work with lots of different design styles because you'll have it for awhile. Go for a more subtle color of blue like a robin's egg blue. You could put this couch with green walls for a country room; taupe walls for a beach cottage look and charcoal walls for a modern touch. More subtle colors are more versatile so you'll get your moneys worth.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a blue sofa that will go out of style in a few years then just try a neutral sofa with a painted end table. If you want a natural look then find end tables with slate tile on top. Slate often has a lot of bluish grays in it. You can also paint the furniture yourself and then distress it for a worn country look. For a more modern take on this color find an aqua plexi-glass table that will add color and style to the room.

Blue Ottoman

Updating Your Room

Blue Living Room FurnitureCredit: FreeRange Stock Photo

You might have bought a blue leather sofa a few years ago and it's just so comfortable you don't want to get rid of it. This is especially true if you can't afford an entire new set. Besides, you don't want to be wasteful right? You might have kept your room the exact same since you bought the furniture; so no wonder your room looks dated. Try putting up a fresh coat of paint. Sure, blue is the natural compliment and it can make your couch recede so it seems like it's taking up too much space. However, then the blue will be in your face and it might even become apparent to all of your guests that you are decorating around a sofa that you don't love anymore.