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Using Color in Your Home

My day started out a bit hurried. I got a call from my girlfriend whose voice was in a panic. “You must come over right way!”Holly DymentCredit: Holly Dyment Interior Designs

“Suzie, what is up with you?” I inquired.

It happens that she decided to start decorating with a colorful pallet by using some bold colors in her home. Since she does not have a keen eye for color in the first place, her first attempt was a bit disastrous. She never called me prior to selecting her colors. As a freelance writer, with an extensive background in interior decorating, I have experienced this repeatedly with friends and family. Many have learned to pick up the phone and call before purchasing something disastrous. I felt so bad for her, and I directed her to a good online source, so she could gather a sense of color chaos, streamlined in a palatable presentation.

It is clear when perusing the website of Toronto interior decorator Holly Dyment, that her love of color is off the grid. She definitely inspires and expands your horizons. My friend Suzie is a bit ‘out there’ and I figured that if she could see color in action like this, she would get a better idea of how to make multiple bold colors look cohesive.  I am not talking just pops of it here and there, but thorough Technicolor rooms that scream fun! Holly has a fine art background, combined with graphic design training that gives her an exclusive style that I am not used to seeing every day. It takes serious ability to combine vibrant color the way she does!

Now, if you are still scratching your head, and insistent that you would never try to add color to your walls, you may want to think again. Sales of homes with a beautiful color pallet, surpass the ones that are white-walled and bland in appearance. You do not have to try to paint every wall in your house with color, though I am completely comfortable with this. You may approach your first project by just painting a focus wall. For example, look at your living room area. Do you have a wall that has a fireplace on it, or something else that you want folks to notice when they walk in to it? You would want to paint that wall with a pop of color. Look at your fabrics, curtains, carpet, wood tones and artwork. Find the color that is prominent in all of these and use a contrasting color that compliments them, or use that color if it is not too heavily scattered throughout the room. When I painted my living space, I used my Persian rug colors to decorate the entire room, including the walls.

If you need more advice on how to choose colors for your home, you may find resources such as The New Color Book: 45,000 Color Combinations for Your Home a helpful beginner’s tool.

Therefore, the next time you want to consider putting some colors together and wonder if they will flow well, or bring the result you are looking for, follow the professionals. Anyone can put paint on a wall, but if you are an amateur at landscaping your inside pallet, do some research, ask an expert, and practice. You too can start decorating with a colorful pallet. You may have moments as my dear friend had, but do not let that stop you from coloring your world!