Tuscan decor is very popular. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is through the use of Tuscan prints. These prints often feature tall trees, fields of red flowers and of course the obligatory white stucco house with a red tile roof. This can be used as the jumping off point for the rest of your room. Here is a way to use framed Tuscan art to make a big impact in your room.

Make sure that you really love it. Sure, Tuscan style is a decorating fad. You can find these prints anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. Like all trends, it will go out of style. This doesn't really matter as long as you invest wisely. If you really love the piece, regardless of whether or not it's popular, then spend more money on it. If not, just buy a simple print in a nice frame. This also gives you the option of just keeping the frame and changing out the poster when your fancy turns to another decorating style.

Go with neutrals. Tuscan art can seem a little cliché at times. It might be the exact same style that all of your neighbors have. You can find prints that skip the bright colors for a more subtle look. It may be painted in tones of gray, cream and taupe. This works well in a neutral space because you can pull out all different colors of beige. However, there is enough variation to keep things interesting.

Pick an opulent frame. Like with all other artwork, if you go with a cheap frame, the art will look cheap too. This is especially true of the Tuscan style. The frame should be elegant. You might even want to add an oversized fabric mat in leather or a tone on tone damask. This will give smaller pieces more presence. The wood should be dark and have carved elements for more of a formal feel.

Make it unexpected. You might find really cheap posters that you don't feel bad about cutting up. You could make your own collage for a one of a kind look. You could also just separate different elements into several frames for more of a contemporary puzzle effect.

Go straight to the source. Sure, you might not have been to Tuscany to get one of a kind pictures, but other people have. You can find original photographs on crafting sites for just a few dollars. Again, you'll want to frame these really nicely so they look a lot more expensive than they actually were.

Tuscan artwork and prints adds warmth and color to a room. It's also neutral so it can work with a lot of different design styles. You can use these pieces all over your house because they work for both genders and create a look that is elegant and cheerful at the same time.