Frosted window film is not only great for giving you additional privacy in those areas around the home where you may need it, but it's also perfect for dressing up your windows and decorating your rooms. In fact with a little bit of creativity and flair you can actually have a lot of fun using frosted window film on windows, glass doors and even on mirrors.

Oftentimes people like to add frosted film to glass doors, particularly those that face out onto the street. If you are unfortunate enough to have a glass door that is extremely easy to see through I would in fact recommend frosted window film over curtains any day. One con with frosted film is that, unlike a curtain, you can't just pull it to the side and peek out to see who is standing at the door yet it is often difficult to get a clear view of who your visitor may be through the frosted film. What you can do, however, is cut patterns into the film before applying it (or very carefully afterwards using an exacto knife, for example) at an appropriate spot so you can catch a glimpse of whoever is standing there.

If you are doing the cutouts before you apply the film you have to be careful with your design, and not make too many or too large a cut-out. If you do have a lot of cut-out areas in the film it can tend to make the film very difficult and clumsy to appy. Of course a few minor cut-outs or smaller cut-outs shouldn't pose any problem at all.

I have also seen frosted window film cut-outs themselves used to decorate windows and mirrors. In fact, if you have leftover window film you can make great holiday decorations, such as Christmas decorations, from it. Cut out little stars, or a Christmas tree and put it on your door or window to lend more of a holiday atmosphere in your home.

Another idea for a very tasteful use of frosted film is to use it to make a border around either a window, a glass door or a mirror. You can use the postcard effect, where just the corners have a design in them, or you can line all four sides of your window, or even just the top and bottom sections of the window if you prefer. If you are going to use frosted film like this it is probably best to a patterned window film, to give it a little extra class. There is also very nice colored window film that can be used for this type of decorating as well.

So, have fun and be creative with your frosted window film and you would be surprised at what you can come up with and how much it can add to your room's décor.