Green living room furniture allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can create a space that is neutral but still has color in it. Plus, you can work this color of furniture in with a lot of different design styles and accent colors. This ensures that your decorating investment has a long life. Here are a few tips for decorating with green living room furniture.

Go with a softer green. This is especially important if you are planning on keeping your couch for a long time. You want to make sure that you don't end up with that ugly elephant in the room in a few years. An easy way around this is to go with a more neutral shade of green. This way you won't end up with one of those hunter green sofas in the room that used to be so chic a few decades ago and is now tacky. There are a lot of sage greens that almost look like gray and have very subtle undertones. This is also a soothing palette that is easy to decorate around and live with.

Green SofaCredit: freerange stock photo

Take green in unexpected design directions. When you are working with a neutral color your piece might just get overlooked and lost in the space. That's probably not what you want after you've spent a lot of money on furniture. The lines of the piece should be special and make a statement; even if the color doesn't. You might want to reupholster a vintage couch to get those great wood legs, tufts and curvy lines. This also will give new life to an inherited piece of furniture that you have a special fondness for.

Make green modern. Green can be bold; it doesn't have to be subtle. Be aware that this will be on the cutting edge of design but it will also be the first to become outdated. Modern design focuses on pops of color; often the furniture in the space serves this purpose. Usually the accent colors are something bold like red or purple. Instead try a fresh grass or lime green. Keep the rest of the room bright white or taupe for balance. You could also just try this theory out on arm chairs, pillows or ottomans. This will cost less to replace later on but still makes a big impact.Green FurnitureCredit: freerange stock photo

 Update the wood furniture in your room. This is an easy fix to bring in a fresh color. This is really handy if you are sick of your existing end tables or even your fireplace mantle. Just give them a little paint or a green colored stain for a total makeover. An apple green can seem country or modern depending on the lines of the piece. Olive green can go custom or retro depending on how you decorate the rest of the room. This will save you from having the same basic wood living room furniture that everyone else has. Instead, you'll own custom pieces that were specifically designed for your room.

Green living room furniture is versatile without being boring. You might want to choose a fabric that can hold up to your kids like micro-fiber but it's just too difficult to get enthused about the same taupe sofa that all of your neighbors have in their homes. Change it up by going with a neutral color that still has personality.