You might want to decorate with green if you already have an existing challenge in your room such as hunter green carpet. It's also a gender neutral color that can be soothing or interesting depending on how you use it. This is considered a cool color & some books even suggest that it can be used as an appetite suppressant. If green is your favorite color, you can still make it feel welcoming.

Bring in life. If your room is dull, take it back to nature. Plant life can make your entire room feel more updated & fresh. Plus, it ties in the green. You can even base an entire room around your favorite flower. You can often find green colors in stone if you want to add your own personality and tastes to popular granite kitchen countertops.

Reflection is your friend. Use shimmery fabrics in golds or coppers to counteract a dark green color. Have mosaic tile accessories or hang a few mirrors on the wall. This will keep both the eye & the light moving around the room.

Light it up. Switch out your light bulbs for a bulb that gives a brighter light. Take the lampshades off the chandelier so the room doesn't seem too dark. Use up lights behind plants & make sure that the windows are clean so sunlight can warm things up. When a room feels light and airy it also seems modern. You might want to get rid of a lot of the little decorative accessories in your room and then make big statements with a single piece of artwork or graphic area rug. This will help green carpet or laminate countertops feel updated.

Make it cozy. Decorating with green allows you to turn your house into a home. You may just have a traditional square room that seems uninspired or boring. Create a family oriented space with just a can of paint. Your room will feel inviting if the couch is comfortable. Avoid a formal living room that feels stuffy & rarely gets used. Have an ottoman instead of a coffee table so that people can put their feet up.

Use spicy accent colors. Green is across from red on the color wheel but it might make you think of Christmas. Try a rich cordovan leather sofa that will be comfortable, durable & will use a complimentary color scheme without having people wondering where Santa is. If all else fails, let green be moody. Use rich fabrics for an opulent feeling.

Decorating with green is easy when you remember to find balance. You'll also want to bring neutrals into your home so that the green doesn't overwhelm your room. You may want to use this color on fabric and paint colors because you can easily change it out when you want a different shade.