Mission style bedroom furniture has almost become a staple. You probably have one of those evocative slatted headboards in your guest room or basement. This is a simplistic design style so it's great for several reasons. First off, it will last because there really aren't a lot of frills that will go out of style. It's also pretty neutral; these aren't the pieces that stand out in your room. It can also be a way to compromise with your spouse because it can either go traditional or contemporary depending on how you style the rest of your room. Here is how to decorate a space so your mission style bedroom furniture actually gets noticed.

Compliment the wood tones. This style focuses on straight lines and quality of craftsmanship. Occasionally you will see some of the pieces painted black for more of a contemporary look. Most often though these will be in a natural to medium finish. You can even use a set in a teen boy's room who really isn't all that into decorating or design. The focus on the room should be on the richness of the wood.

You can compliment this by going with a natural feel in the room to enhance the wood tones. This doesn't mean that you have to decorate with deer heads. Instead, paint the walls your favorite shade of green, anything from olive to hunter. You can even use a lighter, more feminine tone for balance. Soften the lamps and chandeliers with arts and crafts style stained glass lampshades.

Carry the theme throughout your room. You could add paneling to your walls for a cozy, cottage effect. Just paint it your favorite neutral color to serve as a backdrop against the furniture. Putting up natural wood paneling may be overkill. You can also just add wood floors in a different tone and then even install wood beams on the ceiling. Decorate with worn metal artwork and faux paint the walls so they look like stucco.

Break up the set. You'll often see a complete set complete with mirror, night stands and a bed. This can seem a little repetitive and dated. The trend for the last few years has been on finding objects. If this isn't possible then work with what you've already got. You could free up space in your room just by putting the dresser in your closet. Invest in different, but coordinating, night stands for more of an eclectic look in the room.

Find a way to add drama. This furniture has subtle style, but that doesn't mean that your room has to be predictable. Try turning the bed into the focal point. You could even wallpaper the entire wall behind the bed with a geometric print. This will make the furniture seem more modern. You'll want to keep the rest of the walls a netural gray, taupe or white. Too much geometric wallpaper can leave you feeling dizzy and might make a small room feel even smaller.

The bedding for this type of furniture should be simple. Often, the bed has both a headboard and a footboard so just stick with a thin quilt or comforter that you can tuck into the footboard. If you are starving for interest then mix and match your sheets using all different neutral tones for the top sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases. This also allows you to buy whatever is on clearance because they don't have to match just as long as they are in the same color family.

If you do decide to paint the furniture you can really change the entire look of your room. For a modern shabby chic look try out a basic taupe over the wood. Then paint your walls a soft pink or pale yellow. Soften the square lines of the furniture with intricate lamps on the night stand. This can also work in a cottage or beach style if you paint it white.

For a modern look paint it black. You might even want to refinish the furniture with a black stain. This also has the ability to go in more of an Asian design direction. You can even change up the bed by putting a shoji screen behind the bed. If you just want to update it then re-stain it a darker color like an espresso brown. Since this furniture will last forever you probably won't want to go through the staining process again once you've gone through it once. A mahogany reddish tone on this furniture style has always been popular so you can invest your time wisely by skipping the fads. You can always use decor to make your room feel up to date.

Another area where this furniture is great is the nursery. You can find cribs that turn from a crib into a toddler bed and later into a queen or a full size bed. The changing table could also double as a dresser later on. You'll really want to buy quality pieces in basic colors because your kids may have them from the time they are babies up until they leave your home. It's also a very neutral style that can work for boys or girls if you'll be using your crib again in the future.

You'll also really want to consider the color of furniture in a nursery. Sure, black seems contemporary now but how will your toddler feel about it in five years? White works well for girls but may seem too juvenile when they get a little older so go with a natural wood tone that can go in lots of different directions. If you still want something dramatic then go with a deep walnut color.

Mission style furniture can work with a lot of different design aesthetics. The key is to highlight the beauty and recognize the elegance of simplicity. It's a great investment if you move around a lot because it will work with all different designs. Plus, you can redecorate or change up your colors as often as you like with this neutral furniture.