Oak color furniture has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It's one of the cheapest real wood pieces you can get. However, since this style so oversaturated the market a few decades ago it can also look dated. Whether you just want to decorate with this wood or you want to give your existing pieces a makeover here are a few tips for decorating with this furniture finish.

Change the color. You might have it in your mind that oak is country or casual. You might be surprised when you actually go shopping for furniture and see all the new finishes that totally transform the way that oak looks. A few years ago all the pieces were finished with a yellowish stain that might have made you think that you hate oak. Maybe you really just hate the yellowish color.

Now you can find pieces with a mahogany reddish stain on them that can save you a lot of money compared to real mahogany. This style works great in a traditional, elegant or arts and crafts room. You can still find medium tones of this wood. They have a lot of gray undertones instead of the usually yellow look so they can work with anything from a modern or a traditional look. The darker you go with the stain color the less it will probably be recognized as oak. Plus, it gives you a chance to make this wood tone sophisticated.

Decide if paint is right for you. With a lot of different kinds of wood furniture you can just paint it to give the pieces a whole new look. This is even true of kitchen cabinets. Oak is one of the more difficult pieces to refinish simply because of the wood grain. You won't be able to hide this with paint and primer. Your pieces will still have a pattern to them. If you are ok with the zig zag look of oak then paint can be a way to modernize your pieces.

Break up the set. It might not be practical to totally replace all of your bedroom or living room furniture. It's perfectly acceptable to have mismatched nightstands or end tables. This will give you an eclectic air and both you and your spouse will be able to find pieces you love. You can even change up the look of your dining room table by replacing the chairs with more modern black chairs. Pair it with your existing natural wood table for a country or modern look that is still different than what you are used to.

You can also modernize this style just by the general shapes that you buy. You can add a lot of storage and an old world library look to your room. Look for an apothecary table or an oak CD storage system that looks like an old fashioned side table. For more of a modern look then find floating shelves where you can display lightweight pieces. This can add decorative storage to any room in your house from a bathroom to a kitchen.

Oak color furniture doesn't have to be a liability; it can actually add texture and warmth to your room. With a little know how you'll be able to salvage your furniture and your decorating budget with just a few style tips.