Large artwork can really make a statement in your room. However, usually the larger the print the more expensive it is. In this case you want to make sure that you are making the most of your investment. Here are a few ideas for decorating with large artwork.

Posters aren't just for a teenager's bedroom. You can really make an impact without spending a lot of money. You can also make it sophisticated. Skip the basic plastic black frame and build your own frame or have one custom made. Posters are very large and make a big impact. Another option is to go with a vintage movie poster. These are often oversized and can create an old Hollywood feeling in your room.

Make it yourself. This is an easy and inexpensive way to get large artwork. Plus, it ensures that you get the exact look and color scheme that you are going for. It also gives you the opportunity to create the conversation piece in your room. At first, you might think that you aren't an artist. You don't have to let this stop you from at least trying to use or create an art piece. It doesn't have to be intricate and the kids can even help you. You can even just try painting a solid color. This can really make a big impact in a space where you have white walls such as an apartment because you'll also add large panels of color to your room.

Find untraditional pieces of artwork. Large artwork can be quite expensive. In this case, you want to save money. Try going with found objects. You could lean a few iron grates against the wall. Another option is to head to an architectural salvage store for bold ceiling tiles or beautiful metal scrolls. You could also break apart room dividers or screens or just paint the whole entire large piece on the wall and secure it properly. A key to defining inexpensive artwork is to just start looking at everything as artwork. Antique windows and doors can have several layers of paint on them that can really add a lot of color and texture as well as a sense of history to your space.

One of the largest pieces of artwork is a mural. This is another option where you can create the look without spending a lot of money. You could just paint simple circles on your wall so you can place them wherever you want as well as get the exact color palette that you want for your space. The key for beginners is to keep the design simple. You'll also want to add shading or glazing so it looks very professional. This way you can make your art pieces look sophisticated without spending a lot of money.

With any kind of large artwork you want to make sure that you properly secure it to the wall. You don't want it to turn into a DIY disaster. This is especially true of mirrors. These are very heavy and you want to make sure that it won't fall off the wall. Proper safety precautions are always worth the little extra time that it takes.