Pink bedroom furniture adds instant femininity to a room. Plus, it's less overwhelming then going with all pink walls. You can use this style in any room; from a little girl's room to a nursery, teens' room or even a master bedroom. The goal is to get the colors you want while still finding a balance that your spouse can be happy with as well.

Pink bedroom furniture doesn't have to be predictable. You can paint pieces yourself to get the exact tones and shades you want for your space. This will also force you to rethink how you decorate with pink.

Pink Headboard

Mix and Match Your Furniture

Reign yourself in. This is one color where it's really easy to go over the top with. It probably comes from years of playing with Barbie's dream house. There's a tendency to start off with one pink piece and then just keep adding more and more pink until it's the only thing left in the room. This has a tendency to turn things really juvenile and also make the room feel overpowering. Instead, try pairing your pick furniture with a neutral color to tone it down. This color can also be masculine for balance. You could go with taupe, gray, or chocolate brown walls to create a soothing space. Actually, pink will be more of the star in this room because it will really stand out but in a good way. It will be beautiful instead of an onslaught on the senses.

Make it sophisticated. When you think of the color pink you probably think of a nursery or little girls' rooms. Kids seem to be growing up faster all of the time so whether you use this style in a preteens' room or your own bedroom, make it elegant. This will help people take a second look at a pretty standard bedroom color. You could give the room a French theme complete with floor to ceiling canopies for a luxury hotel look. Make a box canopy out of a solid fabric. Using a sheer fabric can be a little predictable and might be a little too much like a princess theme.

Pink Nightstand

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Pink Dresser

Stick with just one really feminine piece. There are some people who are still going to look at pink bedroom furniture and think "oh that's just for girls." If that's the case then get what you truly love. Paint a dresser with ornate handles and curved legs in your favorite blush tones for a shabby chic look. You could even put a lace overlay on it for a cute addition to a nursery.

Hot Pink Bedroom Furniture

Make it modern. This is essential if you are working in a teens' room or a master bedroom. You don't want the color to be juvenile. A good way around this is to change up the basic pale pink frilly style that people see all the time. Instead, go for a hot pink or magenta. You still need to use this in moderation. Keep it on one piece like inexpensive night tables or an upholstered wall that can double as a headboard. Bring in a lot of different black and white surfaces for more of a contemporary feel that will almost seem edgy. You might only need one piece of this kind of furniture in the room for color and leave the rest of the pieces neutral for balance.