Red bedroom furniture is a safe way to add color to a room. Sure, initially it seems like a really bold choice. However, you'll find it a lot more livable than just plain red walls. This is especially important in the space where you sleep at night. You don't want the paint color to give you nightmares or keep you up. Here are a few tips for decorating with red bedroom furniture. When you first think of red bedroom furniture you might just think "oh that's not for me". However, you can make it work with almost any design style or aesthetic. You just have to find ways to subdue it and add balance to your space.

Red Nightstand

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Modern Themes

Consider a modern theme. This is perfect for boys no matter what age they are. Red is one of the few colors you might think of when you think of a masculine color. Sure, boys start out in baby blue rooms and so eventually they are going to want to get rid of the blue. You can make red masculine and contemporary with a minimal amount of decorations. This even works in all black, gray or white bedrooms. Keep the furniture low to the ground and bring in a platform bed. Paint your existing dressers a bright red to save money and add a pop of color into the room.

Red Dresser

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Red Headboard

Go country. You might have a dated oak headboard that you just hate. A good solution for this is to just paint it out. This will make it seem a lot more modern but you'll still have the more feminine lines of country furniture. This could even work if you want to spray paint a brass bed so it doesn't just look like all the other brass beds out there. This will instantly turn a hand me down piece into custom furniture fit for a master bedroom or a sophisticated teen room. You'll be able to find a lot of bed sets that mix and match red stripes, solids and floral prints. This softens the color red while making it more feminine.

Be More Subtle

Go with a red stain color. This will be more traditional and therefore easier to handle then just breaking out the red paint. This also adds richness and elegance to your room. It's a timeless look like you can use to replicate expensive mahogany wood or just update your furniture.

Go for more of a Tuscan look. Red is a staple in Tuscan design but you might be afraid that it's too overpowering for a bedroom. You can glaze and stain intricate dressers with lots of carvings. You can distress the finish so it looks worn. Then just accessorize it with more elegant items. Gold is a natural compliment for red so add in a lot of antique mirrors and gold leafed frames to form an elegant palette. You can even add grandeur to your bed with a red fabric canopy that is sure to get noticed. This is a great solution if you spent a lot of money on your bedroom set a few years ago. You might really love it still but you just want a different look. Decorate with fabric to transform the feeling of your space.