Southwest furniture is both hearty and furniture. It's durable which makes it great for a family. Plus you can mix and match it with different design styles to create a unique look. Although this decorating style was popular in the 1980's it doesn't ahve to look outdated. You can invest in southwest style furniture that you can transition and update every few years. Here is how to find pieces that will last.

Focus on hardware. This furniture style often looks very basic. There might not be any adornment on it at all. The focus of the piece should be on the wood tones as well as the hardware. You might want to give character to a dresser with leather or even homemade rope handles. Any metal pieces on the furniture should look rustic or even rusted. Avoid shiny brass and sleek silver fixtures.

Look for traditional southwest lines. The furniture should have straight lines. You might find a coffee table that looks like it's made out of planks. The feet and overall impression of these pieces should be substantial. You might be afraid to go full out southwest but that doesn't mean that you can't find durable function with a few of these pieces. The "workhorses" of yoru room should be more durable even if you like lots of intricate details or even glass. Find a coffee table that looks like an old trunk. There's plenty of storage inside and you can also put your feet on the furniture.

You might be afraid to buy a southwest style couch or chair. I think we are all jaded a bit from those awful peach and blue patterned couches that were popular a few decades ago. Mix in warm tones with this style such as red, orange and brown. The furniture itself should be oversized and comfortable without being frilly. Look for pieces with nail head trim if you want a slightly more formal look. As for the fabric stick with something neutral like leather. The leather should have a worn appearance to it so it seems like a rustic room instead of a bachelor pad. Furniture is an investment and you probably won't replace it for a few years. Make sure that you buy pieces that can go in a lot of different design directions. Then you can finish off a theme room with accessories and artwork.

Use it in moderation. You may love Southwest furniture but you have no idea what your neighbors will think of it when they walk into your home in Iowa or Florida. If you are just moving into a home you are probably going to go on a shopping spree. This doesn't mean that every piece has to match. You can pair ladder back southwest chairs with a country painted table. Use an oversized armoire as a way to add warmth and storage to a guest room or use it as an entertainment center. This style is no frills and always has a purpose. Look for pieces that are functional that you actually need instead of just trying to fill up a room.

Stick with traditional tones. Southwest furniture often features the beauty of pine. This makes it quite inexpensive. You should look for a natural finish. For more of a dramatic look you can find pieces that have been stained green or blue. A darker finish might seem more elegant and updated. Plus, it will be different than the pieces that everyone is used to.

Look for metal accents. Wrought iron is a common adornment in this furniture style. You can also just mix in an iron bed against pine nightstands. This way your room won't look like you just picked it out of a catalog. This is a decorating style where you can add to your collection over time. Ensure that you buy pieces that you truly love to create an eclectic look that's all your own.

Add a touch of femininity and color to the room. If you decorate an entire room in a Southwest theme it might start to feel overpowering. You want to balance it with more feminine vases or brightly colored pressed tin artwork. Like every other decorating style out there it's a constant battle to get your point of view across, stay within budget, and still create a space that you can actually live in.

You can also find authentic looking pieces that have subtle carvings on them. This might be a spindle leg that is oversized or a stair step design on the lip or a table. Occasionally you'll find pieces with simple flowers etched into the wood for a more feminine feel.

You can use your furniture as a jumping off point for your whole space. You might want to add character to a basic bathroom. Start off with a mirror that's been framed in tin. The frame should be made out of silver pressed tin to add some light and sparkle in the room. You can use an old log ladder as a place to hang tiles. You also could add faux wood beams to the ceiling in a living room if your house needs an architectural touch.

If you are having custom pieces made start off with unusual materials. Look for doors that you can use as headboards or hang up against the wall. One of your favorite doors can be turned into a dining room table. This is also a country look so you need to find the right piece to start off with. It should be weathered but have several coats of bright paint on it that can serve as your color inspiration for the entire room.

Southwest furniture has clean lines but it doesn't feel as cold as modern furniture can be at times. It's easy to strike a compromise with this style because there's something in it for everyone. Use it to create a casual space where friends and family can gather. It also adds a warmth and substance to your home with the natural wood textures and rich but simple details.