Traditional living room furniture gives you design durability. This way your furniture will last a lot longer than trendier items for classic living room decorating ideas. This doesn't mean that your furniture has to be boring. You can end up with your own unique design style that just has a lot more versatility as to how often you can change the look of your room without changing your furniture. Here are a few tips for picking out traditional living room furniture and then using it in unconventional ways.

Bring in traditional furniture from other rooms. This ensures that you get a unique look, that you can put back when you are sick of it. You can always just the pieces back to where they belong. Try taking a rocking chair from the nursery and bring it into a living room for a country look. You could bring in a buffet and use it as an entertainment center. This allows you to redecorate with a cohesive design style without spending a lot of money. Plus, a lot of the rooms in your house could probably do with a little decluttering. It makes sense to take coordinating pieces that are in different rooms and put them in the same room for a more of a set.

Traditional living room furniture has an air of formality to it. This means that the furniture often has curved legs, or curved backs. Wingback chairs have been in style for decades. This means that you'll be able to get an enduring design. You can even find recliners that look like wingback chairs so you can get comfort and high style at the same time.

You might be afraid that your traditional living room furniture looks a little bit stuffy. In this case, you can just change up the fabric for more of a fresh feeling. A word of caution, since you will have this furniture for a long time you want to make sure that you choose a fabric that you can live with for a long time. An obvious choice for this would be a solid neutral color fabric. This might be a little bit boring to you. If this is the case then go with a neutral with a tiny bit of flair to it. If you've always loved the color yellow then you might be able to live with a yellow chair for decades. Green is also very natural color that is easy to design around and a soft sage green can be considered neutral.

If you want you can add a modern touch to your traditional furniture. Learn how to combine the two styles. This is really important if you have conflicting decorating inspirations with your spouse. You can find traditional furniture and then recover it with a bright white or dark charcoal fabric to successfully combined your two tastes. Bring in one really whimsical piece like purple curtains, a red sofa, or cool chairs for an interesting space.

Traditional living room furniture can still work for your family. In fact these might be the pieces that your kids inherit someday. Look for furniture with pet friendly fabrics that still has an elegant touch to it. This is a very easy to live with design style, but it can still be unique.