Decorative Beveled Mirrors - Custom Made Modern Styles

Beveled mirrors look great in most contemporary settings. Any room is sure to have a classy, modern feel when reflected and framed with a beautiful beveled mirror. These mirrors have edges that aren't perpendicular to its surface, creating an illusion of the central or main mirror being framed by another mirror.

If you wish to purchase one of these, it is critical that you remember several reminders as this can be a very tricky choice. People at times go to great lengths in buying items like these, but you'll be surprised at the large selection of beveled glass mirrors within your vicinity, and might find that choosing the right one for the job might prove to be the bigger challenge.

Consider: Location

When choosing the right beveled mirror for the job, you want to find one that will show elegance and style because that's what they do the best. Don't be nervous to try things you might not have tried the first time because when you're dealing with mirrors, you should experiment! One of the awesome things about mirrors is that you can move them around without a lot of trouble. It's good to use proper hanging screws and solid anchors while setting them up for the long term but if you are going to try hanging them in different spots, then its best to have a helper hold it in place if possible. This will save you from getting too many holes in your wall, which of course is always a possibility.

When you find a possible location for your beveled mirror, make sure that you know what you are doing because if you don't choose the right mirror angle and style, then instead of improving your decor with the beautiful beveled mirror, you might actually being doing more damage to your living space. It's best that you survey the site first, and assess the elements around your prospective location. Keep in mind that a mirror should help your location, by showing off what kind of class you have in mirrors. It should give off the idea that you're very interested about making your room look the best that it can. Think of it as putting your best foot forward in interior design.

Consider: Lighting

Also be conscious of the overall lighting effect. Simply put, if you are going for a bright, cheery atmosphere with plenty of light, try to position the mirror so that it reflects a lot of natural light from windows. Not only will this brighten the space, but it can also further the illusion of the space being larger than it really is. Now this is really helpful if the room you are working with is really cramped and is in dire need of a little additional space.

Consider: Making a Great Impression

There is no perfect mirror mind you, but there is always a perfect mirror idea that can really alter how your living space is presented to guests and visitors who may happen upon it. Even if you aren't designing specifically for a room, but own a house that gets a lot of visitors, you can use a lot of the same ideas. If you do know exactly why you are designing it, then it helps a great deal because if a lot of people will see it, they might be more apt to stop and look at their reflection, which a lot of people do, and when they do that, they might notice how well everything is put together. Guests do appreciate a well thought of design scheme after all.

As mentioned earlier, mirrors do a good job of opening up a living space, but not always. If you find yourself placing the beveled mirror in an area that doesn't actually need it or if it is so far away from any type of other decoration that it just sort of sits there, then you should find a different place for it. Sometimes deciding whether a modern art piece should be placed there or a mirror can be difficult, but you can try both out, by having someone hold it there for a little bit while you make your decision.
A little trial and error never hurts and would certainly not be too much of an inconvenience if you have your neighbors come over to help you out. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, mind you. As always, we let our imagination wander and have fun when we decorate with beautiful beveled mirrors – it is there to brighten up and enhance your living space after all.