There has always been a lot of sentiment attached to the fireplace in a house. The feeling of warmth and security that one shared by a fireplace tightens the bond amongst family and friends. A decorative fireplace adds a touch of class and sophistication to the home.

You can create a decorative fireplace by just making little bit of changes in the settings. Fixing a beautifully designed mirror over the mantel can add a unique touch to the fireplace. In the same way having an eye-catching piece of artwork can also add to the beauty of the fireplace. Since a fireplace is where the family meets every evening, hanging a family photograph over the wall can give a feeling of oneness. You can also think of stone decorative fireplace which creates a rustic look in the home. But always remember that decorative fireplaces will no more remain beautiful if you dump whole lot of unnecessary things over there.

Place a decorative brass or wrought iron screen in front of the fireplace. Add a bit of greenery by having potted plants on the side of the hearth.

If you would like to add a contemporary touch, place a stark modern piece of art over the mantle.
Placing a comfortable chair with a nice footstool nearby and a warm throw would add charm to the fireplace. Just sitting near the fire with a cold drink and a nice book is a wonderful feeling!

Many homes have built in decorative fireplaces already. But, even if you don't have one, don't worry. You can always have one built as per your convenience. Either you have the option of choosing a fireplace which is set away from the walls or one which is built into the wall. These free standing fireplaces are made of cast iron with an inbuilt exhaust pipe. The greatest advantage of this type is its portability and it is also found in different styles, colors and materials. Then you have the decorated fireplace which is built into the wall, with marble, granite or brick. Some other ideas of decorative fireplaces include half-round tops, traditional rectangular opening, marble accents, statues, granite tops, cooking inserts. Ventilation fans, etc.

You also have to decide whether you want the traditional wood fireplace or want to go the modern way by opting for a gas fireplace.

Many manufacturers have stunning contemporary designs. If you think you still want that traditional look of burning logs, you can easily get gas logs which actually look very similar to burning wood. The advantage you have here is that you can control the size of the flame and the amount of heat generated through remote control.

It is also important to remember that these gas fireplaces should be installed by a professional. A poor installation is a potential health hazard.

Having a look at lot of pictures will help you decide on the best decorative fireplace. But above all, you should know the purpose for setting a decorative fireplace. Is it for just adding a décor to your room or is purely functional?

Whatever are your reasons when choosing decorative fireplaces, you should be looking at its hearth, surround, trim and mantel choices.

Care has to be taken while designing decorative fireplaces as it is the place where you entertain friends and the family meets most often.

Check out the net for different ideas and designs of decorative fireplaces. Talking to a couple of decorative fireplace dealers will give you an idea of costs etc. They will be able to guide you taking into consideration the size of your room and of course your budget.

We have built and installed many kinds of decorative fireplaces in homes all across. Talk to us and we will show you a whole range of decorative fireplace ideas.