Decorative Front-Door Wreaths

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Nothing says “welcome” or adds more curve appeal than decorative front-door wreaths. Outdoor front-door wreaths are available in an array of styles, colors, types, sizes and shapes. With such a wide array of choices, finding the right wreath for your font door can often be a challenge. If you’re shopping for front-door wreaths, it’s important to consider certain factors before selecting the perfect wreath to complement your home’s decor.

Front-Door Wreaths and Your Home Interior’s Color Scheme

It’s important to consider your interior decorating style and color scheme when buying front-door wreaths. As visitors approach your home, your front door and porch decorations reflect your decorating style and personality. The front-door wreath is an introduction to your home’s interior. It’s a good idea to coordinate your front door wreath with your home’s interior color scheme.

If you have a hard time finding a wreath in your color scheme, pick a wreath that has at least two of the colors in your home’s interior color scheme. For example, if your interior design includes brown, sea foam green and taupe, your wreath front door wreath should include at least two of those colors.

Front-Door Wreaths and Door Size

Measure your door before you go shopping. Exterior door are generally 36 inches in width. If your door is 36 inches wide, consider a 24-inch wreath. This size is ideal because you’ll have 6 inches of door space on each side of the wreath. The door space on each serves to frame the wreath, giving it a neat and finished appearance.

If you have double doors, you’ll need to buy two smaller front-door wreaths. Double doors are generally narrower, so look for 2 16-inch wreaths. Measure the doors before you go shopping. When selecting front-door wreaths, keep in mind that your goal is to cover 50 to 75 percent each door’s width with the wreath.

Artificial and Fresh Flowers Front-Door Wreaths

  • Artificial-floral wreaths - This the most durable type of front-door wreath. If it gets too dusty, you simply take it down, dust it and put it back up again.
  • Fresh-floral wreaths - This type of wreath will last longer if it’s out of direct sunlight. High humidity will also shorten life of a wreath. Fresh-flower wreaths last longer when placed in a covered porch - out of direct sunlight and in low humidity.

If you choose to buy fresh-floral wreaths, check the florist’s instructions or warning. Dyes and preservatives, which can stain your door if they leak, are often used. High humidity can increase the possibilities of leaks and stains on your door.

Well, now you know what to look for when buying front-door wreaths. Keep in mind your home’s interior color scheme, door size and determine whether you want artificial or fresh-flower wreaths. If you cover anywhere form 50 to 75 percent of the door’s width with the wreath, you’ll have enough door space on each side to frame the wreath. Make sure to center the wreath on your door to create a welcoming transition to your home’s interior.

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