cat switch plate cover (35308)Searching for and buying decorative light switch covers for your home, a certain room or as a gift for someone else has never been easier than it is today. Producers of these little gems have finally realized that people will buy switch plates in colors other than black, brown or white and consumers have realized just how beautiful and unique this small change can make a room look.

Using these in combination with outlet covers can really bring a room together. Installation couldn’t be easier as all you will need is a screwdriver and a little time. Lots of choices will be available in the big box stores, but a lot more choices will be available online by going to websites such as Amazon, Switch Hits, Sassy Switches, Wallplate Warehouse and even Etsy. Prices can range anywhere from $1 up to $20 or more for metal pieces.

A Small Sampling of Switch Plate Covers


• Novelty: There isn’t as wide a selection for practical jokers out there as there arein other categories, but you’ll still find some. A lot take advantage of the phallic nature of the actual switch so be sure to give some careful thought before getting one.


• Animals: Animal or pet lovers can rejoice as selection is often abundant and kept well stocked by stores due to their popularity. I know that when I was a kid I was kind of obsessed with all types of animals and I’m sure plenty of others out there share myobsession. I would have freaked out if I had gotten one of these as a gift.

• Artistic: This covers a large range of designs but usually involves lots of paris (35309)colorful and interesting shapes or angles.

• Metal: Those that want something a little less colorful but still unique will be very satisfied with the variety available. A few of the choices include hammered brass, copper, silver, gold, brushed nickel, chrome, stainless steel, textured pewter and diamond plate (great for a workshop).

• Sports: How can I not highlight this category? There are alabamacovers for just about anydiehard fan out there. If you don’t want a specific team then chooses from one of the more general categories. Any Alabama football fans out there?

• Animal Prints: Talking about a perfect gift for someone who has a trophy room or who likes to hunt. Some of these would be the perfect finishing point sunflowers (35312)for rooms with similar color schemes.

• Floral or Garden: Perfect for someone with a green thumb or a thumb that is slowly turning green. I can totally see a wood home using darker paneling using a fall themed light switch to accent the room or a brightly colored room using a spring related cover. Lots of choices here.

• Children Themed: Kids will always get a laugh at using these colorful and decorative light switch covers. You may find that these make perfect gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

• Miscellaneous: I had to include this category because there are so many more choices than those listed here plus this is where you'll find most of the funny items to give as gag gifts. A few example themes include mirrored, wood, patriotic, various solid colors, angels, dragons, beach, movies, western, office, psychedelic, sci-fi, horror, and celestial.

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