apple (35858)Nothing can add flavor to a boring room like decorative outlet covers. Buying these unique pieces has never been easier due to retailers such as Amazon and etsy teaming up with designers to provide stylish accessories for every aspect of your home.  You will be able to find a nice selection at the big box stores, but variety will increase substantially if you are willing to search online stores like Switch Hits, Sassy Switches, Amazon, Switchplate Gallery and even Etsy. Pricing can range anywhere from $1 up to $20 depending on what you want and installation is fairly simple with only a screwdriver and just a few minutes of your time.  Time to get shopping!

Decorative Outlet Covers – A Small SamplingPainted Outlet CoverCredit: Amazon, Inc.

Wood: There are many out there who love the look and feel of wood in their homes and these would make perfect gifts for them. Not only can you find them made from usual hardwoods such as cherry, oak, bamboo, mahogany, etc., but some suppliers offer designs that have been burned into the wooden outlet cover.

Sculpted Themes: These have a 3D type of dimensional quality to them and most really stand out in a room as they are not flat and smooth like other covers.metal plate (35860)

Metal: For those that don't really want a bright, flashy look, they can go with the subtle beauty of metal covers. They also come in a large selection of choices such as diamond plate, satin nickel, mottled antique pewter, stainless steel and tarnished copper.

Animal Themed: Everyone likes animals (or a certain kind of animal). These novelty gifts come in plenty of choices for pet lovers, hunters, exterminators, and people associated with zoos plus many more. They also make animal print themed outlets to mimic the look of skins from zebras, leopards, etc.jeweled

Jeweled: These are usually made up from a metal base such as aluminum or copper with designs made up of another conflicting metal. The pieces are then accentuated with semi-precious stones such as amber, onyx, mother of pearl, amethyst, tiger's eye and turquoise.

Stone: You may have to hunt a little bit to find these covers as a lot of places don't offer them in stone yet. Selections include granite, travertine, slate, onyx, marble, quartz and more.painted

Painted Pieces: The two dimensional nature doesn't in any way make these outlet covers any less beautiful as they are only limited by the artists imagination. Chances are you will be able to get them in almost any style, theme or design you can think of. A few examples include geometrics, cactus, sports, floral and patriotic.

In Closing

People have finally realized that they can completely tie a room together into a cohesive decorating masterpiece by using decorative outlet and light switch covers. I think that this entire subset of home decoration can grow even more diverse than it already is as everyone eventually realizes that they can even make their own plates… if they want to. For those of us that just want a wide selection of beautiful pieces that they can easily buy, times are good. 

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