Decorative Garbage Bins And Stylish Trash Cans for Your Home and Yard

Decorative trash cans have existed for many years both for commercial purposes and for use in the home. Often created from various types of metal, with embossing, various features such as covers designed to mimic animals or covered with art decorative trash cans may add a sense of style to an otherwise mundane item. Many people are already aware of the bullet style trash can as well as the colored plastic ones used to coordinate with bathroom fixtures, however many more styles and materials are available.

Decorative Trash Cans for the Kitchen and Commercial Use

Choosing a decorative trash can for the kitchen or for commercial use should be a fairly simple task as many are available. The basics include a wide enough top or hole in the cover to fit larger items of trash, such as empty gallons of milk. Some will offer a foot flipper for ease of opening which is particularly convenient when cooking, and is required by most health inspectors for restaurant use if a top is used. Kitchen decorative trash cans may be made of plastic, a solid metal or a painted metal surface with metal bands. The commercial and kitchen wastebaskets are often very similar in style, although the trash cans for outdoor use in commercial settings are often extremely large and may be built from heavier steel or a concrete base, often including a covering of rocks.

Decorative Trash Cans for the Bathroom

Decorative trash cans for the bathroom are available in wicker, wood, metal and plastics or a combination of two or more. Some lightweight ones have been created with screens that look like paintings and are absolutely stunning. The metal ones may be solid metal or bands of metal that require a liner. They are created from mesh as well as a simple metal frame that is adorned in rattan or wicker. The choices are almost endless for decorative trash cans for the bathroom.

Decorative Trash Cans for the Bedroom

Decorative trash cans for the bedroom have come a long way from the brass embossed ones created in the mid 1900's. New styles that are available include trash cans designed to look like baskets for use in a boys room, encouraging them to make the basket when they toss trash. Girls' rooms may feature favorite cartoon characters for young girls or pandas and other animals for older ones. Adult bedrooms have a huge selection of decorative waste baskets to choose from, including many styles that will match the actual bedroom furnishings. They also can choose from art printed trash cans as well as ones designed with a minimalistic approach.

Shopping for Decorative Trash Cans

Shopping for decorative trash cans locally might include stores that feature bed and bath or kitchen products. Many discount stores and even some home furnishing stores will feature decorative waste baskets. Shopping online will avail the consumer of a wide collection to choose from. Commercial decorative trash cans are offered through commercial supply sites including cleaning supplies. Kitchen, bath and bedroom waste baskets can be found online through home specialty sites and bath and bedroom sites, as well as many discount websites. By searching specifically for decorative trash cans then narrowing the choices down to the room you wish to outfit, many can be found to choose from.

Pricing of Decorative Trash Cans

The pricing of decorative trash cans will vary depending on the room and the style that is chosen. Commercial decorative trash cans made to resemble stone that are offered in a 50 gallon size cost just over 500 dollars while a decorative style in a smaller size can be found for as little as 138 dollars.

Kitchen decorative trash cans begin in price as low as 50 dollars for a colorful but simple model and range to approximately 150 dollars. The decorative trash cans for bathrooms and bedrooms can be purchased for as little as 15 dollars online for a basic white wicker basket with many styles offered at approximately 50 dollars.

Choosing decorative trash cans will dress up a room by combining function with style in an item that is absolutely a necessity. No longer having to consume precious space under the sink because it is unsightly the decorative trash cans may invite comments by family and guests due to their superb styling. Whether choosing a style with or without a lid there are many well designed and coordinated decorative trash cans available to match or complement the home decor.