Decorative Interior Columns

Decorative columns have been in use for many years. Their job is basically to add architectural grace to buildings. Easy to install and very affordable, they enhance the ambience of your home. The columns come in square, tapered, round, plain and straight varieties. They can match any style or decor, as the architectural decorative columns come in various styles. This enables shop owners to give you decorative columns to suit your specific needs perfectly. 

In earlier times, columns were designed basically to carry the weight of the ceilings. Ever since man showed an inclination towards ornamentation and creativity, some of the most beautiful columns have been designed and used. The beauty of the decorative columns has now been incorporated into both, the interior and exterior spaces. There is a range of decorative columns available, from historical styles to contemporary designs. The custom and standard creations offer an elaborate appearance.

Very similar to the other capitals, a decorative capital gives an individual more flexibility to choose the right column and capital for the home or office. Besides, these capitals can be bought for decorative purposes or simply to bear weight.

Very similar to decorative columns, you can also enhance the look of your home using decorative molding. By simply adding a chair rail, wider casings, crown moldings and deeper baseboard, you can make the home look very luxurious.

Decorative Interior Columns

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Interior Wood Columns

The wood interior columns are custom made. Therefore, they can accommodate uncommon and unique profiles that fit in well within the desired design. Other than wood, interior columns are also Wood ColumnsCredit: http://www.pacificcolumns.comavailable in fiberglass, aluminum, stain-grade pilasters and columns and square or round shaped ornamental capitals.

Interior wood columns are coated with bituminous coating that keeps away insects. Besides the exterior and interior wood bases to prevent tannin bleed through, exterior surfaces are seal coated.

While installing wooden columns to the exterior or interior of the house, do not neglect the wood capitals. Capitals are the tops of a column. They contribute to the column structure and are the most decorative part of a column.

Usually wood columns have some decorative features too. They may have groves or fluting along the vertical lines of the columns. These capitals can have beautiful motifs carved on them. For instance, they could be fitted with a decoration from the Grecian era or scrolls and acanthus leaves.


Fiberglass columns are apt solutions for builders, architects, homeowners and contractors who are planing to redesign the look of homes. Whether it is for the front porch, pergola or interiors, the fiberglass-reinforced polymer architectural columns are perfect entry columns. The varieties available include front porch house columns, porch columns, decorative interior columns, patio columns and back porch exterior columns. There are various durably crafted and historically accurate architectural fiberglass columns that add beauty to your home.

Interior Column Designs

Many interior designers and suppliers use interior column designs that are inspired by Colonial America and Europe and architectural styles of the Roman and Greek era. These designs bring back the ages by combining the classical designs and today’s advanced technology and material.