How to Create Beautiful Easter Eggs

If you love the look of intricate designed Easter Eggs, then you can create these yourself, for gifts, or as a great craft for your older children. If you have always adored pretty decorated ones, but didn't feel you had the talent or patience for the artwork, then try this.

A decoupage egg.

All you need for this fun Easter Craft is:

an egg - blown out and cleaned (follow instructions below)

small pictures from lightweight wrapping paper or tissue paper work really well.

paint brush

modge podge or decoupage medium

The first thing you have to do, is blow out the contents of the egg. This way you can keep this treasured Easter Craft as a keepsake.

Take your egg, and wash it with some vinegar and water and then dry with a soft cloth carefully. (this takes off any grease and helps to make the pictures stick better)

Take a sharp sewing needle, and pierce the end of it, making a 1/4 inch hole, do the same at the other end, and make sure you push the needle in far enough to pierce the yolk.

Now holding it over a bowl, blow lightly in the one end and the contents should come out the other end. Be patient with this process, and have some scrambled eggs for lunch!

Once the contents are out, then trickle water through the egg and swirl around and let it drain. Keep doing this until the water is clear. You can add some vinegar to the water to help clear it out. Let it sit somewhere and dry out. (You may want to do this part a few days ahead of time)

Now once it has been blown out and cleaned, then take your pictures and cut them out of the napkin or thin wrapping paper. (Try to pick small pictures, they work best by not overwhelming it.)

Take your brush and lightly brush on a good layer of decoupage medium or modge podge onto the surface, being careful not to crush your egg. Then add your picture and using the brush, brush out any wrinkles carefully.Decoupage Easter Eggs KitCredit:

Do this all over the surface for all your pictures.

Once you have let it dry, then you can put on another layer of the decoupage medium on top. This make the pictures look totally part of the egg, and protects the finish. You can get the decoupage medium in high gloss or matt at most craft stores or online.

Decoupage Goose Egg Kit with 3 Eggs and 240 Sheets of Colorful Tissue Paper

 Then create a stand for your Easter Egg Craft from pipe cleaners, or get a cute looking egg cup from the dollar store. (This too can be painted and decorated). So, you can have the look of hand painted ones, and keep them. Older children can display their works of art in their room, or they can create these for gifts for relatives.

If you just can’t see yourself using real eggs, then head to the craft store, and you can get unfinished wooden eggs, ready for the same designs. You can paint the wooden one white and then follow the same procedure above for using the decoupage, and pictures you have cut out.

Easter Crafts are fun and a great way to celebrate spring.  You can do this yourself as above or get kits to make it easier too.