I have made a goal of reaching 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by the end of this year. How much money can I expect to make each month? With my current numbers I estimate I will make at least $400 per month. The odds are I will be making more than that. By the time I reach 1,500 articles I am bound to have more cherry articles such as Pre-Built Hunting cabins which consistently earns me money each month.

Let's assume that I will only be making $400 per month on InfoBarrel once I reach 1,500 articles. That will equal out to an additional $4,800 each year without writing another article! An extra $400 means I can spend less time writing for upfront payment with websites such as Break Studios and concentrate on writing more for InfoBarrel.

I look forward to the day when I can spend 1-2 weeks of each month writing for upfront payment and still make the income of writing full time. I really look forward to the day that I can bring in $1,000 or more each month with my InfoBarrel earnings. InfoBarrel continues to climb in the Alexa rankings. If we could only get each active author on InfoBarrel to remain active then we will all benefit.

I look forward to the day that we have multiple authors that earn more than $1,000 each month on InfoBarrel. I look forward to becoming one of these high earning authors here on InfoBarrel. I am still a long ways away from earning $1,000 per month with InfoBarrel but I am on the right track. By the end of September I should be really close to having 500 articles. In October when things slow down a bit for me on the upfront payments I will concentrate on getting even more InfoBarrel articles published. I really want to reach my goal of having 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by then end of the year. I know I will have to push really hard the last few months of the year. I have to do a lot of upfront payment writing but I do have the benefit of not having a 9-5 job so I can concentrate on writing a lot more articles for InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel helps pay a few bills each month and is an integral part of my overall strategy of building up my residual income from writing.

Writing online for InfoBarrel is a lot better than multi-level marketing companies such as Amway. You have no upfront costs to get involved, you do not have to bug your friends and families to buy stuff and you do not have to attend weekly recruiting meetings. You do not have to cold call people. With InfoBarrel you simply have to write a lot of articles. It is you vs. yourself. Can you write enough to earn a lot of residual income with InfoBarrel? You Betcha! The only question is if you can stay dedicated through the poor earning times to make it through the various hoops? If you find ways to keep yourself motivated and can consistently add new content to InfoBarrel on a daily basis then you WILL eventually reach your earnings goals on InfoBarrel. The only question is if you can stay motivated long enough.

I will eventually reach my income goals with InfoBarrel. I have no doubt on that. I have already reached an important goal where I was able to quit my 9-5 job I held for 4 1/2 years as a motel clerk to write web content full time. I know I will be successful and I have many people who have influenced, motivated, encouraged me, and who I see as the most fruitful people who helped me accomplish this goal. These people range from the high earning writers on the WAHM forums, the dedication of some of the writers here on InfoBarrel Including Travis_Aitch and x3xsolxdierx3x, and even Eminem.

I find motivation everywhere and it sometimes comes to me in strange ways but I can grateful for it. I know I will be successful and I am now working on increasing my overall earnings each month from all the platforms I write for Including my private clients, Break Studios, Examiner, and InfoBarrel. With TextBroker I will hit it up occasionally and see what is available.

When I reach my 1,500 article goal on InfoBarrel it will be a very proud moment to me regardless of how much money I am making at that time with my articles. It will be on par with the day I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp at MCRD San Diego in 1996. Seriously, reaching 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel will be on par with the day I graduated from boot camp. On a side note, if I had drill Instructor breathing down my neck I would have reached 1,500 articles within 11 weeks of being a member of InfoBarrel.

Many people who only serve for one enlistment term in the military get depressed when they get older. These people realize that if they had stayed in then they would have been soon getting their 20 year retirement check each month. My retirement would have been 2016. I however will not be depressed as I will still be receiving a nice residual check each h month from InfoBarrel. My current earnings may not be very high with InfoBarrel but let me assure you that by 2016 my monthly InfoBarrel earnings will be extremely high and will definitely beat a monthly military retirement check for an enlisted Marine.

I'd like to quote my favorite music artist Eminem in his song that was made famous in the movie 8 mile. "Success is My Only Motha*#*#ing Option, Failure Is Not an option".

What is your motivation to keep writing? I encourage everyone to keep writing for InfoBarrel. If you write 500 or more articles for InfoBarrel you will begin seeing your earnings rise. I am dedicated to reaching 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of the year. How many articles do you want to have in your InfoBarrel account by the end of the year?