If you have diabetes and your feet are starting to show it then you really need to consider getting some deep depth diabetic shoes so that you can get fitted for good custom shoe inserts.  Most people with diabetes know all about the troubles of monitoring blood sugar levels better and with the pains of watching your diet, exercising frequently and testing sugar levels all hours of the day.  Fewer diabetics however realize that as their condition worsens they really need to take their shoes off and inspect their feet frequently for injuries to the foot.

Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Damage In FeetThe problem with diabetes and it’s affect on feet may not be as well known but it isn’t much less serious.  Diabetes (and more specifically elevated blood sugar levels) over the years slowly start to degrade your nerve endings resulting in various stages of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  This condition is where your nerve endings, typically in the feet, begin to lose their sensation.  Basically many advanced diabetics have to deal with feet which can’t feel sensations that they should.  Of course this makes it really easy to get blisters or cuts that get bad before you ever know they are even there.

As diabetics age and the damage stacks up over the years the feet of diabetics can start to look a little funky.  Diabetic feet are often misshapen or deformed due to injuries that don’t heal well.  Other problems like festering wounds or diabetic foot ulcers can emerge making treating the condition very hard.  Basically foot problems get worse over time to the point where buying custom shoes inserts becomes necessary.

Deep Depth Diabetic Shoes

Velcro Diabetic Depth ShoesDeep depth diabetic shoes come into play here.  In the early stages of diabetes most people still have feet that are shaped relatively correctly.  As the damage piles up on the feet however and custom insoles are required extra deep depth shoes become far more necessary because the custom insoles are usually much taller or deeper than standard shoe inserts that come in new shoes.

Of course this means that every one of your shoes needs to have this extra depth which makes shopping for shoes a bit problematic.  Most shoes stores simply don’t carry that large of a supply of deep depth diabetic shoes.  Find specialty shoes like deep diabetic running shoes can be even more difficult although they are very important to find and wear.

Deep shoes for diabetics may not be easy to find in ordinary shoe stores but they are still easy to find online.  There are many diabetic supply stores which sell specialty shoes in all sizes and types.  Many large shoe stores carry the major brands of shoes which have lines of medical shoes for all different types of conditions.  The major brands of diabetic shoes for instance sell not only diabetic shoes but also shoes for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and other foot problems.  Of course specialty shoes tend to be a bit more expensive but when they allow you to stay active and mobile they are worth the money and can even help you stay financially free as they can give you’re the ability to stave off other more serious forms of diabetic symptoms or complications.