Using a deep dish pizza pan that is cast iron is one way to guarantee an even baked and golden crust on that next homemade pizza you serve up.

Cast iron was very popular years ago and these seasoned pots and pans were quite often passed down from generation to generation as they would last a lifetime.  But in later years many people turned to lighter materials such as the non-stick products and light-weight aluminum cheaper pizza pans and cookware.

But as many have noticed, these don’t tend to cook evenly and are easily damaged with a pizza wheel or slicer.  They may be cheaper in the beginning but don’t last as long and definitely not from generation to generation.

One reason many people came away from cast iron pots, pans and skillets was due to the heaviness and the fact you had to “season” them before you could really use them properly.  This involved wiping them with cooking oil and then baking them to seal them. 

But many can now be purchased “pre-seasoned” and the deep dish pizzDeep Dish Pizza Pan Cast Irona pan – cast iron is one of those pans.

Cast iron heats evenly and can be taken from the oven to the serving table (with good oven gloves of course!) as the handles are designed to make it easier to get it out of the oven.  These deep dish cast iron pizza pans are 14 inches across and ½ up to 1 inch deep. 

They are pre-seasoned out of the box and ready to go.  The one thing to keep in mind though with cast iron, is that they should always be hand washed and not put in the dishwasher or the harsh detergents of the dishwasher could end up “un-seasoning” them and damaging the surface. 

Cast iron gets better with use, and makes a great pan for homemade pizza.  Cast iron will retain its heat even after it has been taken from the oven so that the pizza will stay hot even when while eating that first slice.

As long as you protect the table or surface, you can serve right from the cast iron pan.  Many restaurants are serving meals in cast iron skillets now, as they retain heat.  You can get these in many different sizes.  The only downfall for many is the weight.  As they are solid, these pans can end up weight ten pounds or more. 

I personally have found that those cheaper aluminum pizza pans will warp in the oven or dent easily.  There is a big different in the crust when you use a good cast iron pan.  It is hard to beat that even cooking.

These pans can be used for other foods as well, such as meats and vegetables.  With the cast iron handles it makes it easier to get the pan out of the oven with good insulated oven mitts.

This cast iron pizza pan will definitely last to the next generation with care.  You can get these at many good kitchen supply stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.

Using cast iron is great for even cooking and browning, especially when it comes to the pizza crust.  You will love the taste of food that has been cooked in a cast iron pot, pan or skillet.

So, if you love to create homemade pizza crust or just want to heat up that frozen one, try using a deep dish pizza pan that is cast iron.  You will notice the difference.  These are making a big come back into many kitchens, as they are also made in the USA.