We are trying to take a bare front yard at the house we just purchased and turn it into an instant oasis with shrubs, flowers and trees.  

But after deciding to purchase and plant larger root ball trees that took the entire neighbourhood to move into the large holes we dug, we realized very quickly that we would need a tree watering system that would work fast.

The soil is very good and the nutrients are high, so not much plant food was needed, but even after watering the tree daily and using a soaker hose around it, two of the trees started to show signs of limping leaves and stress.

So, a friend of a friend just happens to be an arborist (tree doctor) and he told me that any of the water we are putting on top is not getting to the main root ball.  Keeping in mind that the root ball was very large and wrapped in burlap and the holes were about 3 feet deep.

We had put water in the holes while planting them, as well as on the roots themselves,  but it will take a good long time for it to get more water through the ball of roots.

He suggested we use a deep root watering system to give them a fighting chance.

Deep Rout Watering TreesCredit: Amazon.com

This is an Amazing Tool and Well Worth the Money

I didn’t think it would be that simple, but we bought one and attached it to our hose.  These are basically a long metal tub with a point on the end and you push it gently but firmly into the root ball.  My fear was damaging root systems, but it doesn’t, it seems to find its way in there and you can then push it down further.  You then turn on the water and it will spray underground. 

Note:  Just make sure you have it pointed at the root ball before pushing this tool in the ground so as not to be wasting water and sending it in the wrong direction.

We did this and simply left it running for about 30 minutes for each tree.  We pushed it into the roots about a foot or two from the tree.  My hubby was able to get it down about 2 feet below the surface.

We did this for a couple of nights and on the third day the tree leaves burst back to life.  They had been green but limp and now they are perky and happier.

Deep Root Watering TreesCredit: Amazon.com
You will love how much water doesn't get wasted on top of the ground, and how the tree will drink up every drop below the surface.

The arborist told us, that at this time of year they will be working on their buds, leaves and blossoms rather than on their root systems (We did this transplant first week of May) so we will have to continue deep root watering the trees when we water as well as on top of the ground.

It can take a long time for water on top to get down to the root ball especially for freshly transplanted ones, so if you plan on transplanting or having trees spaded into your yard in order to get a larger size, then it will be worth your while purchasing this tool.

Once they get established over the course of the year or so, they will be able to find the water you give them, but using this type of tree watering system will make sure there is no wastage of water.  This means they will benefit from every drop without evaporation which is what happens on top of the ground.