All of the above words could be used to describe the awesome, unique beauty of deer antler chandlers. If you have a rustic home, be it a log cabin in the woods or a mountain-side lodge, chandeliers made of deer antlers can create a grand statement. These magnificent pieces are truly works of art, while lending the practicality of lighting at the same time. There are two main types of antler chandeliers: real and faux. Faux antlers are cast using a resin and cost much last than the chandeliers that are made of genuine deer antlers (usually in the range of $150 - $700). They tend to be sturdier and less likely to get damaged. The major drawback is that faux antlers don't have the imperfections that real antlers do, which makes them easily recognizable as fake. They lack the "natural" look and feel of real antlers, and, as such, are a little less rustic.

Chandeliers made from real antlers are much more expensive (with ranges from $500 to over $1000), and they usually come in two varieties: mule and whitetail. However, not all antler chandeliers are made of deer antlers. Many artists design chandeliers using elk, moose, and even caribou antlers. However, one of the ways you can save money on real antler chandeliers is by contributing your own antlers. If you are a deer hunter, antlers may not be a rare commodity for you. You can turn over those antlers to an experienced artist, who can craft a chandelier for especially for you, from the deer you've bagged. Or, if you aren't a hunter, but live in a very woodsy area populated by deer, you can go hunting in the forest for antlers that have been shed from the live animals. All deer, moose and elk naturally shed their antlers. So in many cases, chandeliers can be made without every killing or harming an animal.

Size of a chandelier can also vary greatly. The more antlers used, the more complicated and intricate the finish product will look. Increasing the number of lights will also create a more dramatic effect. But when the number of antlers and lights increase, so does the price. This is true whether the antlers are faux or real. When you shop for a deer antler chandelier, make sure the manufacturer complies with electrical safety codes. Ideally, you want to get a chandelier that meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (often abbreviated as UL). Most wall sconce lighting meets UL requirements as well. Use the Internet as your guide to help you select an antler chandelier. Many manufactures advertise via web sites. You can use them to compare and contrast styles, techniques, types and prices. That way you can create the antler chandelier that best suits you, your budget and your home.