Deer antler chandeliers are a very popular item, especially for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Many people prefer to have antlers from deer that they have killed used for the chandelier and this is a way for them to use the antlers in a unique, decorative, and useful way, as apposed to just mounting them on their wall. Certain taxidermy places will use the antlers however it will be rather expensive but it all depends on the taxidermist and if they have experience doing the service.

A more practical way is to just go out and buy a chandelier from a unique furnishing center. At these places the price will usually depend on the size but is usually in the range of $350-$450. Stores that carry these chandeliers are Dicks, Cabelas, and L.L.Bean. However you are more likely to get a better deal at a unique furnishing store where they have a larger variety of products and usually at a cheaper price, around $300-$400. The best way to find a good deal for these chandeliers are online especially sites like e-bay and Amazon. Online you will be able to find the largest selection of chandeliers at a more reasonable price and you can literally find any size, shape and other types of antler chandeliers not just deer. They have elk, moose, caribou, and the cheapest alternatives are faux chandeliers. These are made to look like deer antlers but are actually made from a synthetic material. These can look exactly like the authentic Antlers but at a significantly cheaper price usually around $160-$300 depending on the size of the chandelier.

Finally for the true outdoors man you can make the deer antler chandelier yourself with relative ease. Purchase a chandelier wiring kit at a local hardware store it should cost around twenty dollars. And then use antlers you already have found, or antlers that you have purchased. Make sure they are all relatively the same size so the chandelier will look consistent but if you are going for a unique look then use them however you seem fit. You need to begin by cleaning out the antlers with oil soap and drill a hole in the tip of the antler that you want to hold the light bulb. Coat the antlers in polyurethane multiple times to strengthen them so you can keep them for years. Connect all of the antlers together at their bases. Drill holes and run wire through the holes to connect all of the antlers together so they will stay how you want them to look. Run the wiring through the holes and into the ceiling. Then you can fill the holes with clay or finishing paint. Finally connect the light bulbs and attach the antler chandelier to the ceiling with a chain. If you don't have any prior experience in lighting work you might need an electrician's help or perhaps consult a more thorough instructional on how to install lighting equipment.