Blue haze on Sony TVs as seen on Steve Limke's website
Blue haze as shown on Steve Linke's website

If you bought a big screen television from Sony after 2004 and are now experiencing areas of your TV picture blurred out by blue, green, yellow or pink hazing you are experiencing optical block failure. Unfortunately, the Sony optical block was designed with fatal flaws that mean it will fail within two to five years depending on how much usage the television gets. In short, the optical block is defective and will burn out. You can replace the optical block with another once yours has failed but you will only be buying time since the design itself is defective and your new block will also fail. As the first WEGA TVs began to fail Sony denied there was anything wrong. For several years people replaced their blotched TVs with new optical units. Many were lucky and were able to do so before their warrantees expired. But as more and more TVs began to fail and many were out of warrantee, Sony refused to stand behind their products. Customers who spent a lot of money on their big screen TVs became angry and frustrated at Sony's denial of responsibility. A Facebook site was started called 'I have a defective Sony TV' to start getting the truth out to the growing number of big screen TV owners who didn't know where to turn to get help. A number of people took Sony to court and some people devoted a lot of time and effort into helping educate these big screen TV WEGA owners about what was really going on and what kinds of recourse was open to them.

Steve Linke did extensive research and set up a website to give people in-depth information all about Sony, the defective television products, and legalities. The site is still viewable at 'Sony LCD Rear Projection TV Problems'. Barbara Black spent much of each day guiding and advising people on the Facebook 'I have a defective Sony TV' page and eventually also brought her case to court and won. As a result of those people who worked so hard fighting Sony's denials and unwillingness to make reasonable offers to compensate people who paid high prices for defective products, Sony slowly began to change. Sony representatives began to appear on the 'I have a defective Sony TV' site and offers began to improve. People who got no help from the Sony site – the usual recourse for unsatisfied customers – began to receive increasingly fairer settlements by checking out the Facebook site. Unfortunately, owners of the largest televisions like the 60" screens may have difficulty finding satisfactory replacement offers. Sony simply does not have equivalent products to offer. But due to the efforts of those hard-working people who insisted Sony stand behind their defective big screen TVs you can still get the best offers on the Facebook site.

If you own a Sony big screen TV that is failing with colored blotches obscuring the screen on your WEGA television, check out the 'I have a defective Sony TV' on Facebook. It still remains the place where you'll get the best offers to compensate you for your defective televisions. The site is now approaching 3000 subscribers.

You can find more information on articles I wrote for InfoBarrel in November of 2009, Blue Haze on Sony Rear-Projection TVs and the Update posted in December.