When other people involved in a traffic accident file suit against you, holding you to blame for their losses and injuries, retain a skilled, successful defense lawyer.  He will redeem your reputation and protect all you have worked and struggled to earn.

A skilled lawyer prepares, reviews, and prepares more.

Building the case for the defense, a successful lawyer follows an ancient principle of warfare: He encircles the evidence and testimony, attacking from all sides.  Your defense lawyer has two objectives in his case-building: first, he must discredit all of the plaintiffs’ exhibits and impeach all of their witnesses; second, he must build-up the preponderance of evidence to prove that you are blameless in the accident’s cause, as much a victim as the plaintiffs themselves.  Your defense lawyer carefully will study and reconstruct the accident, looking at it with an eye for physics, engineering, meteorology, and human behavior, studying time, distance, g-forces, and reaction times.  He will take apart and reassemble your car, looking for worn and defective parts that influenced speed and direction before the accident.  Your defense lawyer will look at plants, signs, buildings, and other elements in the landscape that obstructed your vision just before the collision.  A truly effective defense attorney will ask you to repeat the story of the accident, pressing you for more and more details at each of the story’s critical junctures.  By the time he completes his preparation, your defense attorney will understand the accident not just from all three-hundred-sixty degrees but also from the inside-out and bottom to top.

Elements of an effective defense

The plaintiffs will present their case, and your skilled defense attorney will “deconstruct” it, going after its weak spots and exposing deceptions, distortions, confusion, and flat-out mistakes in each piece of evidence and each witness’s testimony.  When his courtroom tactics and cross-examination skills work as he plans, the judge and jury will feel completely confused about causes and effects in your accident.

Then, your aggressive defense attorney systematically and deliberately will clear-up the judge’s and jurors’ doubts, reconstructing the case as he wants them to understand it, and especially emphasizing how you cannot be held responsible for the damages and injuries people sustained.  Imagine his adding piece after piece of compelling evidence into the scales of justice until your side bottoms-out.  As he makes the case, of course, he protects your assets, property, income, and reputation.  In fact, his arguments probably go a long way toward relieving your own guilt and rehabilitating your standing in the neighborhood.