Whenever you are driving along the roads, you will likely notice that not all drivers respect traffic rules. Some of them suddenly go into other lanes while others make unexpected turns, drive too fast, or tailgate.

Aggressive and inattentive drivers pose a serious threat to other road users. Their presence alone increases the risks of a car accident so it is better if you will know how to deal with them.

Practicing defensive driving is one of the ways on how you can avoid an accident. Learning how to do it will enable you to save yourself and your passengers if ever you encountered a reckless driver. Since you cannot control the way how other drivers operate their vehicle, it is advisable that you take precautionary actions against them for your own safety.

Here are some defensive driving tips that you can follow in order to protect yourself and avoid the occurrence of car accidents:

  • Be aware of the other driver's actions- One way of controlling any traffic situation is by watching the actions being done by the driver near you. This way, you will not be surprised when he suddenly performs an unexpected and illegal driving action.
  • Focus on the road, not on other matters- While you are behind the wheel, you will be required to think about or consider various factors like the weather, traffic laws, signs, and pedestrians, among others. Although you are thinking about many things at the same time, it is important for you to remain focused on the road.

Because you are already occupied, avoid doing anything that can distract you like eating, using your cell phone, combing your hair, and reading. If you have been driving for years, do not overestimate your capabilities. Remember, being distracted for a few seconds may cause a car accident.

  • Think of yourself- There is nothing wrong about respecting other drivers, but do not forget that your first task is to protect yourself. For example, you can make way to other drivers if it will not put you in a dangerous situation.
  • Expect that the drivers around you will break traffic rules- Never assume that all drivers follow traffic rules just like you do. If you are approaching a stop light, you should be ready to protect yourself if a driver disregarded it.
  • Be alert- Knowing what is happening around you will enable you to act immediately when there is danger. For example, you will be able to avoid a collision when the car in front of you suddenly stops.

For more information about the importance of defensive driving, you can contact a Los Angeles injury attorney.